Need capital, chemical process technology, chemical process equipment and related process flow chart, process indicators.Inspection departments, quality departments and related personnel are also needed.Should deal with relevant certificate most.If the dangerous chemicals must be for the production license!

Principles for chemical companies to select addresses:
1, the site should be selected in the convenient area of raw materials, fuel supply and product sales, and in the storage and transportation, maintenance, public utilities and living facilities and other aspects of good cooperation conditions in the area.
2. The site should be close to the place with sufficient water, good water quality and sufficient power supply.
3, the site should be selected in a convenient place.
4, the plant should pay attention to economize the land, not occupy or occupy less arable land, the plant area shape and other conditions should meet the needs of reasonable layout of the technological process, and leave appropriate room for development.
5. The concentrator should pay attention to the local natural environmental conditions, and make a pre-evaluation of the impact on the surrounding environment after the plant is put into operation. The location of the production area and residential area of the plant should be selected at the same time.

In general, chemical companies should avoid the following areas:
1. Areas with mineral deposits of mining value.
2. Dangerous areas vulnerable to floods, mud-rock flows and landslides.
3. Three-stage self-weight collapsible loess area with relatively large thickness.
4. Earthquake fault areas and earthquake areas with basic intensity of more than 9 degrees.
5. Areas that have influence on the use of airports, radio stations, national defense lines, etc.
6. Historical relics, biological protection and scenic tourist areas selected by the country.