Digital direct marketing is a direct approach to attract customers to your business or service. As technology is continuously evolving digital direct marketing has been taking over traditional marketing. Mobile phone apps, email, and web are three major forms of digital direct marketing

Here the question is what are these three major forms of digital direct marketing?

Mobile phone marketing

In this form of marketing, you need to develop an app for your business or website. This is most commonly used in digital direct marketing. App user acquisition and push notification are the two types of mobile phone marketing.

App user acquisition

Its basic objective is to raise user downloads. App user acquisition also deals with app store optimization, which can improve your app searchability. In this way, marketers can advertise their products on any social media boards. 

Push notifications

Once a customer downloads your app you will be able to send them push-notifications that will buy you customers attention and instant reaction towards your ad. In this way, you can keep your customers in a loop for updates about new features and offers. 

Web marketing

There are many web browsers available on the internet. Every web browser works differently when it comes to marketing. So using different web browsers will affect digital direct marketing strategy differently. 

Now it’s completely up to you whether you choose Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or safari. Advertising through web marketing also involves cookies, which helps to convey a marketing message directly to the customer. Website cookies contain some information like age and preferences. This information can help you achieve the target audience. For example, if a customer keeps searching a specific product on your website you can send them ads accordingly. 

Email Marketing 

With the invention of mobile phones, it has become easy to check your emails regularly. People spend most of their time on the internet. According to research 82%of the time customers check their newsletter emails. This means email marketing can provide you with a higher customer conversion rate. Before sending the email to the customers, make sure that you are sending relevant information in the email. 

So you can send newsletter emails to the customers as an advertisement with a link to your website. 


With Digital direct marketing you can directly communicate with your clients and it will build a good relationship between marketers and clients. With the right knowledge, you can grow your business faster with it.