Even though we hardly pay attention to the kitchen areas at the time of remodelling, the interior designers have something else to say in this matter. According to the top designers, the kitchen is as essential as the other house areas, like the living or front patios. And this importance isn’t just because you prepare all the delicious dishes in the kitchen itself. Instead, the entire cooking area has formed an integral part of the house, which can’t be ignored, especially at remodelling times. 

Since most of you do not pay enough attention to the entire plan of a kitchen remodel vista, the renovation result seems to be more disastrous than before. For this reason, we will describe here some of the recent renovation trends that you can implement in your kitchens. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s start!

Creating a Color Contrast with Dark Cabinets

Before picking up the remodelling ideas, you certainly have consulted many renovated kitchen pictures, right?

Well, in that case, we would say that even if a wholly white or beige kitchen sounds attractive, the ideas have somewhat become obsolete. You need to have more colors in your kitchen, and the best way to do so is by redesigning the cabinets and giving them a dark-colored theme. If they are made from solid wood, you can change the lacquer color to a dark one. If laminated boards were used, simply apply darker oil paint. The combination of the chromes will create a contrasting look, which will add depth to your kitchen.

Change the Flooring to Make it More Sophisticated

Kitchen floor

In case your kitchen flooring has been damaged completely, you need to change it rather than renovating it piece by piece. For this, first, understand whether you want different flooring for the kitchen than the rest of the house or the same one will work. Once you make the decision, you will have the following flooring options in hand:

  • Ceramic tiled floors
  • Marble floors
  • Ply Board floors
  • Chessboard flooring
  • Smoked or fumed wooden flooring

An Addition of Kitchen Island Will Fill Up the Void

kitchen island

Often we have seen the kitchens to have a lot of void space, which was once created to add more room for free movements. But, in this present era, not only are you demeaning the beauty of the kitchen but also causing more clutters than expected. When you plan for kitchen renovation in san marcos, includes a kitchen island design to fill up the free space at the center of the kitchen. With an island in the kitchen center, you can enjoy an additional countertop, with a separate place for the kitchen sink. Also, an island can be used as a dining table if you don’t want to install specific furniture. 

Streamlining the Existing Interior Kitchen Architecture

For renovating the kitchen, you need to let go of the bulkier designs, no matter how enticing them seem to you. The modern-day kitchen remodel vista is designed to ensure every layer is streamlined and made less bulky. Some of the ways to establish a streamline kitchen design are:

  • Clean cabinet surfaces either with a beveled edge or a flat face
  • Sleek countertops with round corners
  • Under-cabinet racks for more space
  • Open shelves on either of the two sides of the backsplash

Incorporating Greens in the Indoors

If your kitchen has a window, remodel the design in a way where you will be able to keep the window open most of the time to enjoy the outside views. But, if the kitchen is a closed-off space with a single connection with the living area, then you need to think of something else to bring in the touch of nature. And what is the best way to do it other than the plants? You can grow small wall plants as a herb garden within your kitchen itself. You can also grow a large plant in a single garden pot beside the wall counters at the kitchen area’s end. Another option to incorporate nature is hanging the vines from the ceiling, right on top of the kitchen island.

Bring-In Bright Lighting and Not Harsh One

No matter how dark your kitchen is, you have to make sure that the lighting isn’t harsh. Instead, you need a lighting system that will give off a subtle yet enough light to illuminate the entire kitchen area. For this, here are some of the lighting options you can try out:

  • Track and rail lighting above the kitchen wall countertop
  • Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling over the island
  • Asymmetrical hanging lights on the corners of the kitchen area

Put Decorative backsplash rack and counter spaces

The backsplash rack is a very innovative thing that is used to store the kitchen material in a very proper way and without any hustle. These are very stylish and increase the look and feel of the kitchen. The benefit of these racks are that you can use them for multiple utensil hanging. Also, some of these are very easy to install and use. It is also helpful in increasing a space in your kitchen area.

These come in various designs and formations with different prices that can be installed in the area for more comfort and space. The counter spaces are also helpful in saving the space in the kitchen area so that you can use them more effectively. These come in different styles to increase the appearance.

Double check the floor gaps

After the installation of cabinets there are always the clumsy gaps that are left. These need to be filled properly to enhance the quality of the work. If these are remained open then it will look bad and can also hurt your foot while working in the kitchen. To fill these gaps multiple designs are available in the market. Choose the one that goes best with your kitchen design.


There are various ideas for kitchen renovation in san marcos that you can take help from. The main problem is choosing a trusted interior designer who will help you sum up all the elements of the new design together such that nothing can stand out like a sore thumb. Quite fortunately, you have Michael Dray Construction- a vista doing the business of bathroom and kitchen remodelling for the past twenty years. So, stop worrying and start planning!