Omaha Hi / Lo follows the same rules as ilmu99 Poker, with the difference that even the best weakest hand wins part of the pot. Streets or flushes are not taken into account when evaluating low hands.

Seven Card Stud

With Seven Card Stud, the community cards are dispensed with. Instead, you are dealt up to seven cards (four face up, three face down) during the betting rounds. The goal is to build the strongest possible ilmuqq poker hand.

Seven Card Stud Hi / Lo

Is played exactly like Seven Card Stud. However, even the best low hand wins part of the pot.


Razz follows the same rules as Seven Card Stud, but only the weakest hand wins here.

Draw poker

Draw poker was especially popular in the wild west. All cards are face down, you are dealt five cards and have the chance to exchange them.

Chinese poker

At Chinese Poker you are dealt 13 cards with which you have to build a front, middle and back hand . The hands formed are then compared to those of the opponent.

2-7 triple draw

Triple Draw follows the lowball rules, so the pot goes to the weakest hand . “2-7” is an indication that flushes and straights are taken into account. Cards can be exchanged three times.

Five card draw

In the five card draw, all players are dealt five cards face down . There are two betting rounds and one way to swap cards.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The game is played against the casino. You are dealt five cards, as is the dealer. After looking at the cards, you decide whether to exit or continue playing.

Casino hold’em poker

Again you play against the casino. As in Texas Hold’em, you are dealt two hole cards, with the flop in the middle. You have to decide whether you want to play against the casino hand with your cards on the flop.

Video poker

In video poker, you get five cards at a machine. Swap once is allowed. Strong hands are awarded according to a fixed pay table.

PaiGow Poker

PaiGow Poker emerged from the game of the same name with dominoes. To win, a high and a low hand must be achieved. There is also a joker in the deck.

The best online poker tournaments

Different types of tournaments are offered in the individual poker rooms. In addition to classic multi-table tournaments, which are played live like tournaments, there are also sit and gos. These are multi-table tournaments with a fixed number of players, you play with 6, 9 or even more players. Once enough participants have registered, the sit and go begins.