Have you ever wondered what part of your vehicle is the most essential? Maye some words start appearing in your mind as you read this question. Is it the breaks or maybe the seatbelt? All of them are crucial, however, there is one part that does not always get the importance that deserves: the tyres. They control everything in your car from steering, acceleration, and breaking.

These days, most tires are designed in fairly decent quality, as manufacturers try to make sure their product goes through an extensive set of tests to get rid of defects and stay ahead of the competition. Yet, some mistakes keep happening. So if you have just changed your Tyres Wheatley and are encountering a tyre-related issue, it could mean you got a bad tyre!

Having even a minimum complication with your tyres can turn into a major security issue and affect your whole car. Still, problems are rather frequent and unexpected. While some issues are more common than others, all of them should have the same response from you.

Taking care of your tyres

No matter what type of tyres you have, they will have to carry out some checks at least once a month to avoid excessive wear or future damage.

Under-inflated tyres

If you do not verify if your tyres dorchester are under-inflated, they can become more vulnerable to tear, wear, and overheating. Another major concern is that it can increase petrol consumption. The best solution is to take them to a garage or gas station and increase the air using the tyre pressure pump.

Tyre tread

The tread is designed to allow your tyres to grip the surface, which is essential for braking and handling your car properly. Your tyres might sooner or later wear out and there is nothing you can do about it. That is why it is crucial to detect when they have passed adequate levels. You also need to make sure your tyres have not surpassed the tread depth limit which is 1.6mm; if yours is lower than this, you need to replace them as soon as possible.

Tyre pressure

Another important aspect is maintaining the right pressure in your tyres to keep your car in a safe state. Problems can arise at any given time, so you need to check the pressure frequently to avoid tyre wear, which can be very risky.

Worn tyres

Tyres can wear out on the exterior so it is easy to notice. Once you spot a worn tyre, the best option is to take it directly to a garage so an expert can assess what caused it.

Punctures and cracks

Cracks happen when your tyres suffer an impact and get damaged, like beating the curb or a pothole, or even after going through bumps at a high speed. You would likely need to replace your tyre. Punctures are another irritating incident. They can vary depending on the severity: it can be at the centre and small, which can be repairable. Nonetheless, bigger punctures will probably need to be replaced.

Keep in mind that the tyres wantage are the single part of your car that touches the ground and supports the entire weight of your car. No matter what happened, you can always find a mobile tyre fitting Oxford if you are facing any of these issues.