The new testing is said to return results within an hour, a press conference heard.

A new coronavirus test has been implemented in the mass testing scheme in Liverpool – and it is set to be rolled out across the country.

The Lateral Flow test is said to rapidly turn results around within an hour without the need to be processed in a lab, the Liverpool Echo reports.

This new testing is being trialled in Liverpool and will help to control the virus, a press conference heard today.

The current testing consists of a swab which is brushed against the tonsils and inside one nostril before the test is sent off to a lab.

Results usually return within two days.

Speaking at the conference today, Brigadier Joe Fossey, who is coordinating military support to mass testing in Liverpool, said: “They are very simple to use.

“You will all know what a swab looks like.

“You will be in an enclosed booth, all covid controls will be in place.

“You put the swab in your mouth and then in your nose and give it back to the soldier who will complete the test.

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