Wrench the Seattle-based startup which provides mobile mechanics on demand, hopes to disrupt the auto industry as it is. It’s clear that the auto industry as a whole is interested in joining.

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mobile mechanic Washington DC Wrench announced on Wednesday that Bridgestone Americas made a 10% minority investment in the company. The two companies didn’t disclose the value of the 10 percent stake was worth. Wrench previously raised funding through the $20 million Series C round in the month of November 2022.

Bridgestone, an Japanese tire company dating to at least 90 years ago It has established a more prominent U.S. presence since it bought Firestone in the year 1988. Bridgestone is best known for its tires, however it also makes other parts and sells bicycles. The company also sponsors sporting occasions. Bridgestone has over 2,200 service centers owned by the company.

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Bridgestone mobile mechanic Tucson Arizona hopes to make use of these services that are complimentary to expand its reach into the auto repair sector. The announcement specifically highlights Wrench’s auto maintenance services on site as well as roadside and towing vehicle detailing and used-vehicle inspection services..

The two companies plan to introduce partnership options for their customers later in the year. This includes the possibility to earn the Wrench reward for referrals through Bridgestone retail storesas well as using Wrench to make appointments at Firestone Complete Auto Care stores.
“With the growing popularity of ecommerce and services on demand, consumers’ preferences for car maintenance and car maintenance are shifting,” Brian Goldstine, director of mobility solutions for Bridgestone Americas, said in a statement. With Wrench as well as our affiliated dealer partners as well as our company-owned retail outlets we’ll create a truly global service platform that will provide reliable automobile service with added flexibility. mobile mechanic Wilmington North Carolina for consumers

Tire Company Bridgestone Invests in Mobile Mechanic Startup

“Wrench is a forward-thinking solution pairing convenience with a comprehensive suite of vehicle maintenance, repair and inspection services,” Wrench CEO Ed Petersen announced in a press release. Our collaboration with Bridgestone will enable us to accelerate the digital change in the industry. Both companies will be able to expand our customer offerings and increase our technological and expertise in vehicle maintenance.”