Rainbow gemstone is a beautiful gemstone that is found in varied colors. Tourmaline is the name given to the group of gems that has a crystalline structure. It belongs to the family of cyclosilicates. Tourmaline or rainbow gemstones come from a Sinhalese word “turamali “which means a stone having many colors. An interesting fact that most of the users don’t know is that it can reflect negative ions and far-infrared rays.

The jewelry lovers will be pleased to know that it is available in colors like red, blue, canary, Paraiba, and Cats’ eye. According to the Egyptian fable, the stone was crossing the earth’s surface. Then suddenly a rainbow struck the gemstone and it presented all its colors to the gem.  An interesting fact about the rainbow gemstone is that it is a lucky stone for the people born in October. So if you are birthdays, or marriage anniversaries fall in October don’t fail to present the gemstone. The neon blue gemstones that look beautiful in the jewelry are the most expensive form of rainbow gemstones.

Don’t get disappointed if you cannot distinguish between the real and fake gemstone. It’s an easy job. Rainbow gemstones are usually unbreakable. So if you find gemstones that are scratched and light in nature, quickly avoid them. Keep in mind four C before purchasing the gemstone. Always check for the color, clarity, carat, and the cut. Now you are ready to buy the correct rainbow gemstone.

The gemstone has good healing and therapeutic powers. It does not matter which field of profession you belong to, the benefits will be offered. Stress and anxiety can be easily got rid of by donning the gemstone. It can easily lower the toxins in the body and increase blood circulation. The immune system and mind activity get better. Minor kidneys and liver are treated well with the stone.

It develops a sense of confidence and improves concentration. Sleeping problems have become common. Rainbow gemstone offers the brain a good sleeping capability. Moreover, green rainbow gemstones bring a lot of fortune and accomplishment. The pink stone gets the person lots of love and spirituality.

Rainbow gemstone is found massively in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and California. The jewelers transform simple jewelry into a magnificent piece.

The rainbow gemstone jewelry from online jewelry stores should be taken care of quite nicely. Try to wash the pendants, earrings, or rings with warm soap water. It’s also recommended to avoid the falling of strong light on the stone. It might lose its charm over time.

So don’t forget to add a piece of this gem to your jewelry.