The kitchen is the most important part of a home. It can make or break the entire look of your house. Along with aesthetics, choosing the right materials is the key. The choice of materials is entirely yours but you should pick those that are durable. Nobody would want a kitchen that would start showing wear and tear after a year. Also, you must keep in mind that these materials must withstand water exposure and moisture.

We know you like the kitchen units cheap with a luxurious alluring look. But let’s not forget that you also want them to run for a long time. We have made a list of uncommonly durable materials for your kitchen. These materials can offer stunning looks and durability to your kitchen.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is tough as well as an eco-friendly material. And nothing is better than Forbo’s Marmoleum for your kitchen. It is made from jute, wood flour, limestone, and linseed oil. This can incorporate a sleek and elegant view of your flooring. The materials come in various colors and you can get it in tiles or sheets.

Marmoleum flooring can withstand grime, grit, and water. Plus, you can easily clean it, thanks to its anti-static properties. The variety of colors and patterns can deliver an appearance like hardwood planks.

Quartz Countertops

Picking the material for countertop is a very hard choice. This is the surface that you’ll use the most in your kitchen. It is also the surface that will receive all kinds of scorches, hits and knife scrapes. Plus, a large number of options also make it difficult for you to pick one material. There is a wooden butcher block, gorgeous marble slabs and then there is quartz.

There is a reason why most home kitchens have quartz countertops. It is affordable, durable and comes with a wide range of options. You can pick a modern monochromatic look or a pattern that juts look like marble. Plus, it can withstand acids, heat and knife scratches.

Sturdy Cabinets

Selecting the right kitchen cabinets depends on many factors. But we would recommend you to start with making a decision between two choices. You must decide whether you want custom cabinets or semi-custom. But keep in mind that pre-made cabinets are usually made from lower quality material. They are cheaper but they may show wear and tear more early.

Cabinets are usually made from an engineered wood product like plywood, MDF and/or particleboard. But their quality may also vary in terms of quality on many levels. Manufacturers usually use a plastic surface or a hardwood veneer to make the display surface. But it’s the drawers that you should pay close attention to. Buy ones that have tight dovetail joints, these are the durable ones.

Composite Sinks

We would recommend a granite composite sink instead of stainless steel. Well, that’s because we think it is a more suitable alternative. Though durable, the stainless sink cannot resist hard water stains. Whereas composite sinks come with nonporous surfaces that is scratch-resistant. Plus, the manufactured stone surface can handle your kitchen load.

Brass Faucets

No matter how tempting or alluring they look, always avoid plastic and cheap zinc-alloy faucets. Kitchen faucets are used frequently, so install one that is easy to clean and can handle the burden. And these are the qualities that a brass body can offer you. A brass faucet can withstand corrosion and lasts longer than any other material.