Face Mask, sanitizers, hand washes and disinfectants have become an integral part of our daily life due to this coronavirus pandemic. Everybody in the world is paying a lot of attention to their family and their own safety. Many people have blindly bought a pile of masks but don’t have a clue about wearing them.


People have been seen roaming with masks on either their mouths with nose unprotected or masks hanging below their chin line. Some of them even openly deny the effectiveness of masks. In this article, we will update you about the usage of masks and the proper way of wearing them.

  • Need of Facemasks: Facemasks are the most crucial type of protection in this pandemic that affected the world. When used or worn properly, Face Mask and Disposable Facemask can provide up to 99.7% protection. As there is neither full-proof protection in the market nor any vaccines, face masks and Face Shield are the best options for protection in the current times.

  • Things to keep in mind before wearing a mask: As per WHO guidelines, before wearing a protective mask, people should sanitize their hands with an alcohol-based rub for at least 20 seconds or wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 40-60 seconds. Washing or rubbing pattern should be such that the solution should be able to cleanse the inner portion of the nails as well as the webbing between the fingers apart from the palm and its backside.

  • Inspect the mask: Proper inspection of the mask should be done to ensure that no damage has been sustained by it nor it has been perforated by holes.

  • How to wear a surgical or 3M mask?

After proper inspection identify which side has metal strip or little hardened strip on the mask. The side which contains it is the front portion. Now identify the side which has folds made like protruding flaps. This site is the side that is to be worn outside. The inner side should be worn as such that it covers up the nose, mouth, and chin of the facial region.

After usage, be sure to dispose of the mask suitably in a closed environment and refrain from reusing it again and again. The fit of the mask should be exact, neither extremely tight nor loosely bound, ensuring that there are no gaps between face and mouth. Contact at the frontal portion of the mask should be avoided at all costs.

  • How to wear N-95 Masks or respiratory masks?

In a similar fashion after the inspection without any contact with the respirator slowly put the rubber bands at your ear in the fashion mask is designed. Never try to make any type of contact with the respirator or the inner portion of the mask.

Masks are the true protective gear in this time of pandemic as they offer robust protection than the cloth materials. Many online platforms have been supplying Disposable Facemask and Face Shield at a very economical rate ensuring high standards of safety and quality. The production of masks which are Make in India product is truly supporting the Local is a new vocal Initiative.