This issue of placing the devices in the right spots at your home is as old as the technology per se. Even Thomas Eddison had to probably think where to put his phonograph when he finally had to take his invention home. 

People had become so used to hi-fi systems and ancient big TVs that the devices had almost become a part of their furniture!

Now, where should these Wi-Fi dependent gadgets go? What about the latest flat-screen TV? and where to place the different sensors, cameras, voice-activated 

speakers, thermostats, routers, and the vacuum cleaner?

Back in the olden times, the technological devices were hardly made to appease the eyes But since now the aim the of most of the high-tech companies is to come up with the products that can easily grab eyes, you can smartly place the smart devices at your home, such that it would not look like an electronics’ shop. To make matters easier you can leave everything to the best Home Automation Company in Pakistan. JCW group is the leading company which can not only install the smart devices at your home but place them in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.


If you insist on curating your interiors with all the gadgetries yourself, then here is a guide for you to be clever with it.

Buy pretty to make pretty

As you know compared to earlier times, today’s home automation gadgetry is virtually and literally smarter. Therefore, if you’re looking for a home appliance, make sure it is at least presentable to be placed at your home. However, there are plenty of ugly looking gadgets that have become a necessity, so instead of replacing them, it is better to place them in cute boxes. 

Installing Amazon Echo dot can be a smart choice, as its plain appearance can make it blend into a number of themes. Furthermore, you can interact with Amazon Echo dot as it works as a virtual assistant. 


Compatibility should be your first priority

Before investing your money and effort into a smart home, you should first consider the compatibility. There are lots of companies that offer smart home pieces of equipment, which makes the options for you endless. So be keen before making the purchase. The devices should not only be compatible by look, they should also be able to run through a single app.


Style in numbers

 When it comes to designing a home with gadgetries, the number three does magic. Group two items and one appropriate gadget to make your shelf look futuristic and homey at the same time. For instance, putting a vase, a candle stand and a cute little speaker can make it look far better than putting a speaker with a remote or another device. This is because our minds deal with patterns, number five and nine can also do the trick. 


TV first!

Although smart flat-screen TV has freed a huge amount of space, it is still the device that takes the most space in the living area. So before designing your space, dedicate a spot for your smart TV first. Once that is decided, you can add furniture and other stuff to beautify your space. 


Location matters

If you want your space to look clutter-free, with no cables or connection lying at places, you should first decide the places to locate your devices. For instance, security cameras should be positioned high and out of the common view. Similarly, speakers should be mounted in the walls behind sofas. This not only prevents your space from looking at an office, but the sound quality also improves.  


The invisible tech works the best

If you have a good smartphone or any efficient device that runs on Wi-Fi, you can customize the functioning of your smart home appliances, without having to put up with an ugly looking black box. Smart app control can enable you to set the thermostat, the lighting of your place, alarm clock etc. 


Show off the pretty ones

It is not necessary to conceal every smart gadget you have, as some can be really pretty and worthing putting insight. Furthermore, there are many ways through which you can customise your home gadgets to not just blend it but also beautify your space.

For instance, Google Home Mini is a voice-smart gadget, that can easily be put on any shelf without worrying that it would ruin the theme. 


Router dilemma

The router is by far the least pretty looking device and the trouble is, you cannot even hide it away. Because if your router is hidden away either stuffed in a box or behind the sofa, it can not work very well. As a result,  the connection of all your smart home gadgets will suffer. Therefore, it is crucial to get an interior-friendly router and place it on a shelf at the centre of your house.