In recent years, Dubai has seen a boom in the infrastructure sector with building by building and an increase in the number of skyscrapers. The construction sector in Dubai has been doing well for many years and seems to be growing now.

With the introduction of new areas known as free trade zones, Dubai is becoming a multi-zone city by dividing different sectors into different regions. The government of Dubai also plays an active role in assisting the aforementioned investors in its businesses. With the free zone offer to fully own each business, those seeking to start a construction Company  in Dubai will have cost savings and more reasons to start the business, and government agencies have implemented hassle-free procedures that prevent any delays.

The following should be considered before starting a construction business in Dubai

Permits and licenses

Any activity carried out without a license is illegal and may result in a penalty. The Ministry of Economic Development is the main licensing authority in mainland Dubai.

Location of Headquarters

A building is only as safe as its foundation. An office is only as solid as its foundation, so establishing a foundation in a privileged area is what sets a company apart. This location should be inexpensive and well connected to the various locations in Dubai. It should have a practical purpose. However, it shouldn’t detract from a significant portion of sales either, so choosing the right location plays a key role in establishing a branch office for a company. The corporate office should be well furnished and stylish to make a good impression when inviting customers to a meeting. You need to have all the facilities and recreational facilities to create a friendly environment for employees.

Health and safety requirements

The construction industry is a sector that requires high standards of safety and health. Construction companies in Dubai, as well as around the world, face problems as there are several accidents on many construction sites due to negligence and inadequate safety precautions. It is very important to understand the geographical context of the construction site and proper research must be carried out before any construction work. Environmental precautions must also be taken, otherwise unintentional alterations may occur. Some basic protective measures include helmets, goggles and vests. Working conditions and hours must also conform to Dubai government health laws and guidelines. All of these measures ensure that the construction company does not shut down immediately in unforeseen circumstances.


Before accepting an assignment, you must have a lot of equipment needed for various purposes. The importance of high quality equipment cannot be overemphasized. Equipment ranges from forklifts, pulleys, excavation equipment to concrete mixers, elevators, carts and drums. Any failure or accident with any of this equipment can inflict a significant financial blow to any business in terms of compensation or wasted materials. Therefore, it is important to research and acquire the best equipment available for safety and quality reasons. Construction companies in Dubai use high quality equipment because the quality of construction is excellent and competition is very strong.


Accidents are not uncommon in the construction industry. Therefore, it is very important that every construction company has insurance for all accidents and also for the employees. All employees must also be insured, otherwise the company’s funds to cover compensation costs will expire.


It is important that all workers are trained. These workers will handle any equipment that may require proper training before being used. Therefore, it is important that no one messes up the equipment or causes an incident for improper handling. Well-trained personnel will ensure a successful operation with fewer accidents to worry about. Construction is a very intense activity.


It is imperative to have a workforce network or partnership with the companies that provide the workforce. Many projects have deadlines and these can only be completed at the same time with the right employees. Strikes or holidays can occur when day laborers are not available. It is therefore imperative to have the support of unions and labor suppliers to avoid delays. Construction companies in Dubai have strict deadlines and must meet them.