Deciding what stroller to buy for your baby is a tough decision, especially with so many baby strollers in Singapore to choose from. For this reason, it is best to practice due diligence when buying to ensure that you are going to get a model that is going to meet your needs, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

After all, your baby stroller is going to be one of your most-used baby gears. Whether you regularly go to the park or mall, go out of town, or go for a quick run, your stroller is going to be your regular companion.

And because of its importance, it is essential to do extensive research and compare several models before purchasing one. To help you get your money’s worth, consider the pointers below.

baby stroller singapore


Safety should be your priority when buying a stroller. After all, you baby’s safety is priceless. Make sure to buy something that comes with safety restraints that ensure that your baby is not going to fall out. It should also have waist, shoulder, and crotch straps for utmost safety when in motion.

On top of all these, it should have a reliable brake that packs an easy-to-deploy and quick-release mechanism.


It is easy to be overwhelmed by the wide array of choices that are available and end up with something that’s way beyond your budget. So set a limit and stick to it.


How are you going to use your baby stroller on a regular basis? Are you a physically active individual and you want to bring your baby on your morning or afternoon runs? Then go for something that can handle different terrains since it is sturdier and has better handling compared to conventional ones.

If you regularly hit the mall during weekends and drive a compact car, then an umbrella stroller is a practical choice. Not only is it lightweight, and easy to fold as well as carry.

Family size

If you’re a one-and-done family or planning to have a couple of years between siblings, then a single stroller is going to work just fine. But if there’s a chance that you are going to have another child within a year or two, then go for a baby stroller that can be converted to a double stroller.

Summing up

Now that you have armed yourself with essential information on how to get the right baby products in Singapore, you are ready to start shopping. Before you know it, you already have a unit that complements your needs, preferences, and budget. All, without compromising your baby’s safety and welfare.