When you heard of studio apartment, you think of small, confined and grimy place of living. There is some truth in this, but it should be mentioned that every house which appear fancy and nice is the sole dedication of owner part to make it look and feel that way. The house which appears to be muddled and grey is the result of neglecting of its owners. A self-contained apartment which consists of living room, kitchen and bedroom into a single room is a studio apartment. They aren’t the much spacious home to live but they are the kind of residential units that goes fitting into your budget. They do not go heavy on your pocket and give you the opportunity to be the called as owner of your own house.

Whether you are a bachelor or newlywed couple trying to be fit in new city, moving into a studio apartment is best way to live a lavish life. These apartments are considered best for bachelors and small families. Such multi-use studio apartments, as a new concept in metro cities across the country, will conveniently un-clutter your apartment lifestyle.

Not only do these studio apartments serve your residential needs but they can also be used for commercial use. They make efficient use of spaces, emphasizing a well-defined style with a balance between work and life. Additionally, such developments in real estate ensure optimized layout of space invented with modular kitchens and washrooms.

There are many different advantages of multi-use studio apartments, compare to slightly larger one and two BHK apartments. Studio apartments in Greater Noida are very much in demand by IT and creative professionals.

Here we have listed some of few advantages you get from living in a studio apartment:

Less Expensive

Studio apartments are the cheapest residential housing choice. These don’t cost a large amount of money as other options for the apartment that can cost you much more, for obvious reasons like space, room number, installations etc.

Requires Less Furniture

One of the main advantages of a studio is that less furniture is required. Therefore, if you are a jobseeker who needs to move every few months to another town, the studio apartment is your solution. Every few months, it would be convenient for you to relocate, because you had less furniture.

Convenient Maintenance

These well-defined areas require little time to mop and dust. It is much easier and convenient to maintain and clean a studio apartment than a typical one, since it is smaller in size and can be cleaned in a few minutes. Each morning you just have to sweep, and your apartment is clean and fresh.


These apartments have limited space, which helps you live your life without buying any unnecessary stuff making your apartment well organized and less cluttered.

Makes Multitasking Easier

Multitasking becomes very easy with studio apartments. When you cook or clean you can watch your favourite TV show. You have everything at your disposal and you don’t have to turn to something.

High Property Appreciation

For studio apartments, there are not many choices, and so, the value of property and rental earnings together with high-value tenants is higher. Therefore, compared to apartments for 1BHK or 2BHK they are very on demand and can be sold more easily when you move into some other city than other housing options. Smaller apartments with low capital are also subject to low registration and stamping costs.

Things to Consider before Buying a Studio Apartment

The floor plan is the main factor when you purchase a studio apartment. Decide how you use the space available before you make your payment. So it is important to see the layout of the floor when you plan to start your living.

The next major factor in your list must be locality. It is nice to have your apartment near to the place you frequent visit like your office complex. It shouldn’t take long to drive to work every morning while staying in a studio apartment. There must also be department stores or a market nearby to purchase fresh food each week.

When you buy studio apartment in Greater Noida you can spend quality time with your partner as you do not have different rooms to go to. It is rightly quoted, “best things come in small packages.