Dentures are a wonderful device that can help you feel confident with your smile. However, while dentures have a long lifespan, they don’t last forever. After some time, your dentures may need to be replaced. There are several reasons why you may need to see a dentist in Etobicoke to discuss denture replacement. Here are three possibilities.


Accidents happen. For example, you may drop your dentures when removing them or during the cleaning process. When these items experience damage such as to the denture base or small chips and cracks, they will no longer fit in your mouth correctly, could cause mouth sores, and more. Regardless of the damage that occurs, you will want to visit a dentist in Etobicoke as soon as possible to begin the repair or replacement process.                                                                   

Poor Fit

If you do not wear your dentures each day, your mouth can change and slightly shift, causing your dentures to poorly fit. When this happens, you will want to visit an Etobicoke dental office to discuss possible options. If the dentures do not fit properly in your mouth or it hurts to put them inside your mouth, a replacement may be the best course of action.

If you wear partial dentures and lose a natural tooth, you may also need to consider a new device. Your partial denture will not fit properly in your mouth with a missing tooth, requiring a new pair that properly fits the space in your mouth. 

Old and Worn Out

Dentures that are well cared for can last up to 10 years. Although, despite excellent maintenance, they will still wear down and may need to be replaced. Plus, old dentures can become dirty and stained. While polishing the dentures can help to restore some of their shine, when they become too old, this process will do little good and a new device should be heavily considered.

If you think it may be time for you to receive new dentures or a current replacement, you need to see your dentist in Etobicoke right away. Give us a call at Cloverdale Dental Group as our friendly and welcoming staff can provide you with a list of the best available options. You will have that beautiful smile that you love once again.