Market Outlook

Whey permeate is a product from which protein ingredient and other solids from milk are removed. Whey permeate is also known as the high lactose dairy product solids. Whey permeates consists of a lot of lactose content, a minimum of approx. of 80 per cent. The whey permeate is loved by consumers, owing to its pleasant flavor and sweet taste. The whey permeate is sweeter than the sweet whey available in the market, due to which the demand for whey permeate is increasing from the confectionary industry across the globe. The whey permeate is a GRAS approved product because of which it is considered safe and suitable for both feed and food applications.

Whey permeate has a sweet dairy flavor due to which many manufacturers are considering whey permeate as an ideal ingredient for chocolate and confectionery application. The whey permeate is considered as a cost-saving ingredient as it can be easily replaced with other more expensive ingredients such as whey powder and pure lactose among others.

Growing young population base drives the whey permeate market

The growing number of people aged between 16-28 years in APAC and Latin America countries, coupled with their ever-changing food habits, can be cited as the primary driver for the whey permeate market in these regions. The growing competition among various confectionery segment is forcing manufacturers to focus on product innovation and better marketing activities. Furthermore, confectionery products also serve as the best available alternative to chocolates and biscuits. The designing of confectionery products are done in such a manner so as to make them attractive to people of all ages. Hence whey permeate is the ideal ingredient to be used in any confectionary product owing to its sweet taste and smooth texture. With further increase in the young population, the demand for the confectionary product is expected to increase significantly, resulting in high demand for whey permeate over the forecast period.

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Global Whey Permeate Market: Key Players

Some of the major manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global whey permeate market are Arla Foods, Agri-Dairy Products, Inc., American Dairy Products Institute, Lactalis Ingredients, Arion Dairy Products, Melkweg Holland BV, Havero Hoogwegt B.V., Sloan Valley Dairies Ltd., Arion Dairy Products B.V., Pacific Dairy Ingredients(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and A.R. Dairy Food Private Limited among others. Apart from the above mentioned companies, many other manufacturers are also entering the whey permeate market, owing to its wide application in the bakery and confectionary industry, resulting in high demand for whey permeate over the forecast period.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

Medicated confectionery such as hard candies and lozenges are widely used in the formulation of drugs for minor throat irritation, colds, coughs, and other conditions.  The limited product range of medicated confectionery is expected to create an opportunity for whey permeate manufactures. With the increasing trend of quitting smoking, anti-smokers choose throat sweets and breathe fresheners, consequently helping the whey permeate market in the medicated segment to significantly grow in the coming years. Moreover, understanding customer needs and offering products accordingly, with specified characteristics, should be the key focus area for the new manufacturers entering in the whey permeate market. Additionally, companies could focus on developing consumable products that are associated with several health benefits in order to leverage the arising opportunity from an increasing number of health-conscious customers in the global whey permeate market.

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