Moving to a new spot? What is the first thing you have to deal with? Undoubtedly, it’s the convenience; and the kind of settlement you pick relies on- requirements for space, affordability, and security, among others.
Also, when choosing to “move” on the web, and getting a site, you have to choose where your website and its information will “stay”. Furthermore, this is the place a web hosting provider comes in – giving you a spot where you can store your website’s data.

Types of Web Hosting:

The type of web hosting depends on your requirements. There are 3 types of Web Hosting:

  • Shared Web hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Dedicated Servers
We’ll see every kind of web hosting and its upsides and downsides with the above-mentioned analogy.
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1. Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is like staying in a hostel or quarters.
Space- Like in a hostel, tenants need to share the space; various users have apportioned a huge segment of web space to share, and need to keep their information restricted so as not to surpass it.
Scalability- You can’t throw a party in your hostel room, right? Your roommates will be irritated, as space is restricted. In like manner, sites on shared web hosting can’t deal with increment in traffic, as it might disturb the ideal working of other websites.
Freedom- As the hostel stay doesn’t permit you to pick the assets like the best A.C., a cable provider, or a hot plate, shared hosting also goes to the assets which you’re hosting provider gives you, and you don’t have the adaptability to get your favorite cable provider or whatever other additional luxuries you might need to add to improve your stay.
Security- Your stays in a hostel are secured inside the hostel limit yet since you are imparting your space to the roomies you can’t be certain of the security of your own assets inside the room. Similarly, any malware or phishing activity on a website may hamper other websites hosted on the same server.
Cost- Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting, like a hostel space.
When Should You Buy Shared Hosting?
Shared hosting is an ideal hosting service for small businesses, like blogs and small static websites where:
  • Data to be shared is not huge.
  • Data does not necessitate security layers
  • Data accessing traffic is minimal.
  • The scalability of the vital stats of server and storage need not require modifications.
2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Getting a VPS is similar to moving in a flat or an apartment. Much the same as a big building is divided into several flats, a dedicated server is separated into several VPSs. The separation implies significantly more space, protection, security, and flexibility in terms of choice.
Space- The webspace in a VPS is much more than shared hosting.
Scalability – A VPS lets you scale according to your need in terms of bandwidth, webspace, etc. A VPS can handle high traffic with grace. Also, if your neighbor VPS gets an abrupt increase in traffic, your website’s performance won’t be affected.
Freedom – Staying in an apartment allows more freedom as compared to a hostel in terms of using extra aids like having a cable provider of your choice, electrical appliances, a UPS for power backup, etc. The same goes for having a Virtual Private Server – you can install custom software, applications, and other tools you require.
Security- A VPS offers much more security than shared hosting. As in shared hosting, your website is hosted on several other websites, the security flaws and vulnerabilities like hacking attempts, malware, and viruses might endanger your data’s safety. On the other hand, a VPS segregates your website from others to provide a high level of security.
Cost- A VPS is comparatively expensive than shared hosting but is not the costliest of all the web hosting types.
When Should You Buy VPS Hosting?
VPS hosting is ideal for small to medium-size businesses, specifically for e-commerce websites where:
  • A rapid growth in website traffic is experienced for particular periods of time.
  • Data storage requires a security layer.
  • The amount of data to be stored increases to a level.
  • The scalability of the vital stats of server and storage needs changes.
3. Dedicated Servers
Staying in an apartment has its fair share of restrictions. In the end, you are sharing some resources with others – water, for example. Imagine if your neighbor drains out the water tank during the night, you’d be stuck while getting ready in the morning, right? To connect the dots, replace water with bandwidth.
This issue can be solved by having your own independent house – wherein you have complete control over all the resources. This is where france dedicated servers come into the scene.

Space- As per your need and investment, you can add as much space in a Dedicated Server France as you want, exclusively for your use.

Scalability – You can rise the number of resources assigned to your server as and when the need be, without any limitations.
Freedom- Have pets, throw a party, get the widest available TV screen, have a pool table- you can do it all at your own independent house. The same goes for dedicated servers – without any restrictions, install all the software and tools you need.
Security- A dedicated server hosting confirms top-notch security for your website/application.
Cost- Dedicated server is the most expensive hosting option but the worth one.
When Should You Buy A Dedicated Server?
Hosting on a cheap dedicated server france is ideal for high volume informational sites, large enterprises, and other organizations, whose websites demand-
  • Heavy traffic and CPU needs.
  • Data storage needs high security.
  • The amount of data is vast.


The type of web hosting to be chosen depends on your website. The traffic received by your website and other requirements like resource scalability, data security, privacy, and affordability are other major factors that decide the most appropriate web hosting type that you should go for. Server Wala is the best hosting provider, they provide dedicated server hosting, vps hosting, cloud hosting, etc.