When it comes to health, women are weaker than men and need extra care to stay fit. Women’s bodies have to suffer from several changes due to mensuration, pregnancy, and sex. Therefore, they need to take a balanced nutritional diet to cope with such changes’ negative effects. The women not only have to go through physical body changes but mental and psychological too. Even at old age, they have to face the menopause problem, and the menopausal translation is frustrating and painful. On the other hand, men do not face such body changes, so they look younger than the women of their age. And their nutritional needs are also less than women.

Our body needs some minerals and vitamins to work properly. If those nutrients are not supplied in an appropriate amount, it can affect the regular body’s function. One of the most vital nutrients that our body requires is iron. It belongs to the family of minerals and is essential for our well being and fitness. Iron helps in producing red blood cells, which carry the oxygen to every part of the body. And every cell of the body must receive oxygen because oxygen accelerates the process called oxidation. Through this process, the body organs can change the food and liquid into energy. And energy promotes the proper functioning of the organs. Iron is an important nutrient for every human being, and the deficiency of it can lead to anemia.

Generally, the iron requirements of women are much more than men. This is because the women’s body experiences loss of this vital mineral during menstruation, giving birth to the child, and the postmenopausal period. According to the experts, iron in women’s daily requirement is 18 milligrams, whereas male’s daily iron need is 8 milligrams per day. And during childbirth, mensuration time, and menopause period, the women’s daily iron consumption exceeds 27 milligrams.
The iron increases the body’s blood volume, which is essential for the baby’s growth in the mother’s womb. And during the menstruation period, girls and women lose a lot of blood, which can lead to weakness in them. The best liquid iron supplement for women can solve this problem by boosting up the blood hemoglobin level. These supplements make them feel more energetic and prevent them from being anemic. If proper iron supplementation is not given to women in hard times, then they may suffer from iron deficiency anemia. And this can cause them severe fatigue, complications in pregnancy, heart problems, and even lead to death.

Physicians always advise women to eat iron-rich food to increase iron levels in their blood. Also, iron absorption is equally important to its consumption. Therefore, iron absorption foods must also be with iron-rich foods.

Foods To Fight With Iron Deficiency

Here are some foods which contain abundant amounts of iron. Every woman should include them in their daily diet plan.

Iron Fortified Cereals

It will be good to start your day with iron-fortified cereals. They are easily available in the market and readily available. Some examples of the best iron-fortified breakfast cereals are Honey bunches of oats, Raston enriched bran flakes, Iga bran flakes, etc.

Red Meat

It is a good source of heme iron, which can be easily absorbed by the body. Lamb mutton, goat gosht, beef, pork, veal are the types of red meat.


Eating nuts can help in boosting the iron content. Peanuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios are good for snacking as well as for building immunity power.

Green Leafy Vegetables

If you are a pure vegetarian, consuming green leafy vegetables will be good to increase iron content and vitamins in your body. Spinach, fenugreek, lettuce, and dill contain high amounts of iron.

Importance of Iron Absorption Foods

Eating only iron-rich foods will not; you also need to consume iron absorption food to prevent iron deficiency. Vitamin C-rich foods like lemon, orange, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. play a vital role in the absorption of nonheme iron. They are more beneficial when consumed raw. You can take them in a salad or can make their juice.

Although eating natural iron-rich foods is the best and the safest way to increase the iron level, in certain conditions, women are required to take iron supplements. As mentioned earlier, the woman’s body demands more iron in pregnancy, menstruation days, and menopause period, thus it becomes essential for her to consume iron supplements. There are several types of iron supplements available in the market, but you must choose the best iron capsules for women, easily absorbed.

In Final Words

Iron is an essential mineral for both men and women, but women need more iron than men because they lose it through mensuration, child delivery, and postmenopausal bleeding.