Essential oils, as they are termed, are really essential for our body and mind. They are trace oils that are special and have always been special throughout history. Their origins are almost as old as the civilization is and are therefore highly regarded across places and cultures.

These oils have been derived and consumed by humans for centuries. The essential oils can be defined as concentrated extracts of different plants. Numerous doctors and health practitioners have been using these essential oils for natural and alternative health practices like in aromatherapy and naturopathy. Besides, it is also important to mention that this essential group of oils has also been widely regarded in the ayurvedic practices which are a branch of science that is thousands of years old and still admired all around the world.

Though there are various plants that are used to extract essential oils, most of these oils have not been proven to cure diseases or ailments of the body. However, there are plenty of benefits that you might experience if you use them. So, here we’ll be diving into the uses and benefits of essential oils

Going through the uses of the essential oils

 Going through the uses of the essential oils

The essential oils as extracted from the plants perform a range of functions and are attributed for providing us with a bunch of benefits. Additionally, these oils are also in high demand in the cosmetic and makeup industry. This is because of their sweet and charming fragrances that refresh our bodies and rejuvenates our minds. Along with their extensive uses in perfumes, room fresheners, and deodorants, the essential oils are also added in creams body washes, and also as rich sources of antioxidants in moisturizers, sunscreen lotions, and creams that we apply on our body. Therefore, essential oils are a primary constituent of beauty care products.

Along with these what is more essential to know is the extensive use of the essential oils in aromatherapy. Yes, you have been listening to aromatherapy but you might not be knowing the fact that the essential oils are central to the development of aromatherapy. This therapy deals with exploring the benefits of the fragrances of the essential oil when diffused into the air. The aromatherapists tend to believe that allowing the essential oils to diffuse into the air, which then enters the lungs and bloodstreams helps in unlocking all the benefits of the oils.

If you have ever tried vapor rub or the menthol compound to clear your cough or sinuses, you have also taken help of the aromatherapy. Inhaling menthol has been proven to alleviate congestion and shortness of breath due to cough.

Along with inhaling them, adding essential oils to another oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or mustard oil and rubbing or massaging your skin with it can lead to numerous health benefits. This will help you infuse active compounds into your skin.

However, while dealing with essential oils one should always keep in mind not to use them in their undiluted form because they are really intense and can lead to severe health conditions. Therefore, it is always recommended not to apply essential oils in the undiluted form and without taking an expert’s supervision. Also, swallowing essential oils under any circumstances might lead to serious consequences because when they come in contact with our body or any of its organs in a concentrated form, it might really get serious.

Oral use of capsules that contain essential oils is also strictly prohibited without the supervision of healthcare professionals. Also, it is potentially dangerous to bring essential oils specifically near the eyes, ear, anus, and vagina.

Process of Extracting Essential Oils

If you are curious about the extraction of these oils then here we are with a couple of processes that help in the extraction of the oils.

Distillation with the help of steam or water – In this process water or hot steam is passed through the plants and this helps in pulling the essential compounds out of the plant matters to form oils.

Pressing cold – This process involves pressing or squeezing the plant parts mechanically which in turn releases the essential juices or oils. Extracting essential oils through this method is practically defined with a lemon peel squeezed, scratched or peeled to extract oil.