Webroot antivirus is one of the most preferred security software plans because it has various features and functions for keeping your device fully protected from all kinds of threats. Webroot is a good security program for device protection. Webroot also has various advanced features for preventing internet threats. If you want to keep your data fully protected from all kinds of malicious threats then go for Webroot Activate which provides the best protection to your device. 

Top Webroot antivirus features that make Webroot a better option than other security programs:

Excellent Malware Protection

New malware threats are emerging every day. People think installing an antivirus is not necessary if they don’t use the internet or play movies or games on the device. But threats can get you from another door. You can get threats by a CD or even a flash drive. So, if you don’t want to get data corruption issues then installing Webroot antivirus is necessary. Webroot antivirus also has real-time protection features. This feature detects the viruses in real-time which means your antivirus scans every file entering your device. It helps to keep your computer virus-free.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft cases are increasing day by day. People who are more active in social media get more into this threat. So, whenever you create your social media account; make sure your personal information is not shown to the public. Go to the settings and keep your information private. If you keep your account private then your data is only shown to the people who are on your friend list. But along with people, there is also various malware that can monitor your activities and steal your information. Webroot theft protection tool helps to keep your data secure from all malware. It protects your data from every spyware and keylogger.

Password Manager

Passwords are used for securing your device. Whenever you want to keep any data or account secure; you use a password. But is it really helpful? Keeping passwords is the best practice for securing the data. But if your password is not strong then using it will be not helpful. Always use a password that is strong enough that nobody can guess it. People usually use their date of birth or phone number as their password. These types of passwords can be easily guessed by anyone. So you should keep a password which is not relatable or can’t be guessed. Webroot antivirus provides a password manager that can help you to create strong passwords. You can easily create strong passwords and save them in the password manager. Remembering lengthy passwords is difficult so you can save all the passwords in your password manager and then access them anywhere immediately with the help of a master key. 

Mobile security

Webroot antivirus also provides mobile security tools. Webroot antivirus is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has an anti-theft feature which helps in tracking down your phone. Phone devices are prone to get lost or stolen. Webroot anti-theft feature can help you to track your phone with the help of GPS. You have to log in to your Webroot account on another device and then you can easily find your phone’s location. If it is nearby then you can set an alarm in full volume so you can find it easily. You can also lock your phone remotely so nobody can check your data. If any person tries to check your phone without permission and enters the wrong pin thrice then your phone will capture a photo from the front camera and send it to you in your registered email address. In case you can’t get your phone back then you can use a sweep data tool to remove all the data from your phone. This feature ensures that you don’t have to deal with data theft issues.

Webroot Firewall

Webroot antivirus is best known for its firewall as it monitors your incoming as well as outgoing data. Whenever you access an URL; firewall monitors what data is loading on your network. If any data looks suspicious then Webroot firewall blocks it immediately and protects your network. Whenever another device or other program is accessing your network; firewall ensures that no data is traveling outside the device without your permission. If any program or site is trying to steal your data then your Webroot firewall blocks the program and alerts you immediately.

Lightning-fast scan

Webroot antivirus provides fast scan technology where you can easily scan any drive or device in just 20 seconds. It is very helpful when you use any flash drive on your PC. You can quickly scan the flash drive before using it.

Parental control feature

Webroot antivirus has a parental control feature that allows you to monitor and control the internet usage of your kids. As you know, the internet is not a safe place to play. Kids are not aware of various dangerous threats on the internet. With the help of parental control, you can block all inappropriate websites and monitor every browsing of your kids.

Webroot also provides various system optimization tools. Webroot is a better choice for all-round protection. If you want an antivirus plan that can protect your device, network, and data from every kind of dangerous threat and cybercriminals then install Webroot antivirus and get excellent protection.