Apart from desert riding, camping and recreation, you can also go for sand boarding, sand skiing, quad biking and many more adventurous and exciting activities in the middle of the desert. Do not miss the opportunity to dress in traditional Arab and click on your photos. For men or women, it can be very thrilling to see how many years ago you were born in the Arab world.
The UAE national bird is an eagle. The bird that symbolizes strength and venom is also very dangerous. In camp, you can hold the eagle in your hands and click on the brave image. Put safety issues aside because you have protective gloves and closeup experts.

Desert safari Dubai
Desert safari Dubai

Types of desert safaris

Before you book a desert safari Dubai tour, it is important to know what you are looking for next. To help with this, we have designed a cartridge for all types of desert trips below. Read on!
(i) BBQ Dinner with BBQ Dinner: The classic evening edition of the desert safari, booking this tour is the equivalent of making sure you spend your evening well! Small adventures and good moments, you can come to the city after your dinner and come back late at night with this kind of safari.
(ii) Desert Safari with Quad Bike: Need a bike? If you want an extra experience of quad biking through the desert, you should book this safari. All other features are in keeping with the evening desert safari experience.
(iii) Hummer Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner: If you want to add a little extra to your ride, you can opt for the desert safari experience in this monster-hammer car. All other features are similar to the classic desert safari experience.
(iv) Desert Safari with A / C Tents: Choose for this tour and enjoy the desert with extra relaxation. Although the experiences are similar, you can retire to a comfortable tent between your air conditioned and events. You can also opt for the luxury VIP desert safari for more extraordinary experiences.
(v) Morning Desert Safari: If you want to see the desert trapped in the morning sun, you should choose this extraordinary safari. It is a free camel ride, unlimited refreshment and transportation.