First Indian Detective agency Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best detective agency in Delhi as it not only resolves your issues but also maintains 100% privacy. We keep your personal details protective and do not share it with anyone. Our undercover agents perform secret identities to uncover the truth. They secretly gather strong evidence for you.

The latest technologies and gadgets enable our officers to keep an eye on the person to be investigated. The defect is easily trapped. Our peer search solutions will make your life easier and easier. Our aim is not to earn money from your problems but to give you a stress-free and hassle-free life.

Detective Agency in Delhi

Role Of Detective Agency in Delhi

The role of our private investigators in Delhi is very important because they are the backbone of our agency, so we hire individuals who are not only qualified for the job but also true and honest to the job and have confidence in teamwork We do. Our investigators in Delhi are very punctual, the information they collect is 100% accurate. They are well trained to handle any conflicting situation that arises during surveillance or due to tracing of evidence therefore it is safe to say that our investigators are reliable.
We investigate pre/post marriage in Delhi, divorce cases investigation in Delhi, surveillance detectives in Delhi, fraud investigation in Delhi, fraud investigation in Delhi, forensic investigation in Delhi, loyalty check-in Delhi, extramarital affairs There are all types of experts in the investigation. Investigation in Delhi, undercover operation in Delhi, evidence, and evidence to be obtained in Delhi, still photos and videography, and litigation support. All the above investigations will be supported with solid evidence such as documents, pictures, video / audio recordings, etc.

Quality Services Provided By our Private Investigators In Delhi

We works in various private detective investigation services in INDIA

  1. Personal Investigation
  2. Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation
  3. Loyalty Test Investigation
  4. Corporate Investigation
  5. Financial Fraud Investigation
  6. Adultery
  7. Surveillance Investigation
  8. Employment Verification
  9. Labour Case Investigation
  10. Missing People Investigation

When life takes such twists and turns, we cannot share our problems with anyone due to pressure from society and peers. Corrupt society either blames us for our problems or makes it hot that subjects better contact our investigating officers to draw their conclusions. We provide a personal advisor or assistant to each client.

Your privacy is always protected by agents from our private detective agency in Delhi or private investigators. Maintaining the anonymity and purity of customers is our major policy. Our highly qualified team of detectives is adept at secretly spying. Therefore, all meetings and discussions will always be completely confidential.