There are some reasons that you were denied from opening a bank account

Poor past financial performance: Did you bounce checks or overdraw your account or try to pay with money you don’t have, your bank can charge you an overdraft fee. Bouncing too many checks can come back to bite you. Whether you’ve changed your methodologies, these previous infractions can haunt you. But when you’re trying to open a new account, a bank might reject your application, assuming that you’re irresponsible.

Insufficient identification: To open a checking account you need to be above 18 and have a birth certificate, state-issued driver’s license/ID card, passport, department of defense identification card.

Poor credit: If your credit score is poor and has bad financial credit, banks will consider you as a risk and put you on chexsystems info. This includes when you have bounced checks, had negative balances for a specific amount of time. North Carolina has several financial institutions. These financial organizations called last chance banks or Second chance banking North Carolina provide services to customers with bad credit. You may start with these banks and see if they can provide the services you are looking for.

Minimum opening balance: According to the FDIC, half of banks required an initial deposit of at least $100 to open a new checking account. If you are not able to deposit  the minimum cash to your account your account opening request is rejected.