Plaster is a building material commonly used for coating and decorating interior walls and ceilings. With its versatility, homebuilders are able to create beautiful interiors and extremely durable exteriors. Here is a set of reasons why you must definitely plaster your walls.


As aforementioned, plaster is exceptionally versatile. Looking for the right material for remodels? Look no further than plaster! Plaster can match the appearance and texture of many materials, including drywall. It also offers a very smooth finish and can be used on literally any architectural model, from ceiling tiles to fireplaces, plaster provides the perfect finish that you need. 


This is a very important reason why plastering your walls is a must. Drywall, when hit with a hard force, will usually crumble or form holes, weakening the structure. Likewise, the drywall is also very susceptible to fire damage and also offers very little resistance to water damage. 

Unlike drywall, plaster is an extremely hard surface once it dries and is therefore very difficult to damage. The plaster is also fireproof and deals with water damage much better than drywall. Plaster’s durability is so excellent that buildings could last for centuries in very good condition. Therefore, plaster is recommended, especially for government buildings, universities, and school buildings, which would ideally want to be in place for decades. 

Plaster can develop minor cracks over time, but this is usually due to improper installation, this can be avoided by hiring professionals like Plasterers in Auckland, who will do a very professional installation of plaster which will ensure that maximum durability is guaranteed.


Ever wondered what materials the walls are made of when you head to the movies with your friends or head to a music theatre to be awestruck by an orchestra? Plaster. What is the science behind it? Plaster is a much more solid material with more mass as compared to drywall, and this helps prevent sound leakage and helps provide a very rich sound quality for those present within the walls of the hall. The reason why there is no space for air in plaster is why it is also fire resistant. 

Smooth Finish

Plastering can be done to make rough surfaces extraordinarily smooth and also provide exteriors with an extremely smooth finish, which increases the appeal of your house. And there is only one direction in which the value of your home heads too if it looks appealing to the eyes – upwards!

Looking at the various advantages that plaster offers compared to other materials makes a more than compelling case as to why you should get your walls plastered.