Many view CCTV cameras as a good investment because they can deter and record crime. But to save money, some people opt for the cheapest option and prefer dummy cameras. They believe that burglars or intruders will see the false video surveillance cameras installed in the company and will be deterred by thinking that they are real. However, many criminals can easily tell the difference between real and fake video surveillance systems for several reasons.

Flashing red lights

Many dummy cameras purchased come with flashing red lights to draw attention to them and convince potential criminals that they are registered and that someone is watching them. It couldn’t be more wrong. Ironically, the flashing red light does more harm than good because most real CCTV cameras don’t have easily visible red flashing lights. The lights therefore often create the opposite effect from that which was sought and betray the false cameras.


Most modern CCTV cameras have multiple wires, including a coaxial cable to transmit video and a conductive wire to power the system. Dummy cameras have only one wire, or no wire, telling the intruder that your “cameras” are nothing but an accessory.

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Good CCTV cameras will follow the movement of an intruder. If the lens movement is static or moves arbitrarily without following the movements, a burglar will quickly notice and understand that the camera is fake.


Most importantly, a fake CCTV camera can only deter criminal activity at best. If the scammer identifies the camera as a forgery and commits the crime, he will not provide any evidence of the occurrence of such activity. There will be no face to identify, no hard evidence to help you or the police find out more about the crime.

Why it makes sense to invest in a high definition video surveillance system?

Video resolution and clarity of the video stream are essential for CCTV cameras in Chicago. What are they for if they can’t capture clear, smooth video? Do not skimp on quality when it comes to effectively protecting your business and invest in high-definition video surveillance cameras.

Greater coverage area

HD cameras are capable of recording at higher resolutions, which means they are able to monitor a wider area. This allows you to use fewer cameras to cover the same area and this translates into a lower total cost!

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Crystal clear video

It is very important to be able to capture clear videos, as these videos can be used as evidence if your business is burglarized. If your video streams are blurry and choppy because you are still using analog cameras, this evidence may surely not be used well. The video resolution of CCTV cameras has come a long way in recent years and high definition cameras start at 1080p. This places them at a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 and on par with the video quality of broadcast television. These cameras were very expensive a few years ago, but they are the entry level of today’s security systems.

Supports almost infinite expansion

With analog cameras, you are limited by the number of channels on your security cameras; your system can be as big or as small as you want. IP camera systems depend on their NVR software and the bandwidth of a network. As long as your software supports the number of cameras on your system and your network has enough bandwidth to transmit video from the cameras to your NVR,

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 Capture every detail, all the time

Megapixel cameras capture millions of pixels in a single image, which is much more than the hundreds of thousands of an analog camera. This means that not only are you recording more area in the video, but you can also distinguish smaller details that were otherwise obscured or completely removed by an analog camera. This makes IP cameras particularly useful as they will capture in great detail.

6 reasons to use video surveillance systems for security in institutions, businesses and businesses

Access video surveillance systems provide institutions, businesses and organizations with a tool to maintain high levels of security during increasingly sensitive periods. In a changing day-to-day world, these systems save time, money and reduce the stress of insecurity.

In many ways, access control systems are the most effective systems for monitoring large buildings, organizations as well as institutions. They increase safety and reliability. Thanks to their use, critical tasks can be monitored and processed efficiently and quickly.

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No more need for keys – Creating new keys for each employee can be very costly, especially when an employee leaves or enters the business. Access control systems eliminate the need for a key here and stick to a plastic card that connects them to the system.

Watch your entrances and exits – Many companies have properties with high market value. From laboratories to medical offices, clinics, pharmacies and other organizations with sensitive products, many companies risk having their goods stolen every day. An access control system tracks entries and exits and records each entry and exit for each individual.

 Camera at the entrance of an office building

Leave nothing to chance – If your business is large and has many employees, it is quite difficult to know who is an employee and who is not. An access control system helps prevent unhealthy individuals from entering it.

Secure your sensitive information – Each company now holds trade secrets and sensitive information and must ensure that only employees with the necessary level of authorization have access to the area in question. An access control system in Chicago allows companies here to limit access to certain areas.

Reduce theft / accidents – An access control system allows companies to only grant access to designated areas to authorized and specially trained employees. For a business that wants to limit the number of people with access to a supply room or better track valuables, a system like this can reduce the likelihood of theft and accidents.

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Increase security – Swiping a card these days is much more effective than fumbling around for a key. In addition, keys are easily duplicated and access cards are not – this is how access control systems increase the security of everyone entering a business. If all this is filmed, the security linked to the deterrent effect is increased and is often enough to protect your activities.


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