Market due diligence, dissimilar other characteristics of diligence, does not base its discoveries on information delivered by the establishment. Instead, market due diligence comprises congregation data from industry experts, competitors, customers, and occasionally suppliers and other third-party market contestants. In niche markets, it is important to gain the perspective not only of clients, lost accounts, and prospects, but third-party market authorities, and, most importantly, direct and indirect participants.

Although, reliant on the due diligence, the dossier 360 of Ken Research is an active platform that self-assuredly proceeds a research and analysis that is instigated before an acquisition, investment, business conglomerate or bank loan, in order to stabilize the wealth of the subject of the due diligence or whether there are any primary issues included. Such judgments are then summarized in a report which is recognized as due diligence report.

Moreover, the Ken Research, due diligence private limited company aid clienteles to be pitch-ready by accepting their fund constraint and business model and form collateral required for fund hovering or for business sale/ acquisition. We curates and circulates following deliverable:

Information Memorandum

Teaser for the initial investor interest

Financial Operating and Business Model with Scenario Analysis

Exit Plans for Investors

Moreover, A Healthcare IT corporate was beholding for seed money of INR 5 crore for commercialization of the product strategy and pilot test cases previously completed. Ken Research produced the Information memorandum (IM) and business proposal based upon investment mandatory on each business function, probable financial concert on the basis of plan for next 5 years and leaving strategy Also supported the client on list of impending healthcare concentrated seed funds and aided them in concerning to them and be pitch ready.

Data points covered in IM:

Executive Summary and Proposed Transaction

Company Overview

Industry Overview involving Competitors (if Any)

Gap in the Sector –Pain Point

Products and Services/Solution – gap it fills

Company Business Plan – Revenue Streams, Monetization Plan, Inter-relationship with other entities in the ecosystem

End Users Size/ Achievement Strategy/ Shopper Acquisition cost.

Existing Pilot – Test Case Circumstances (Phases Completed – Pilot, Phase I, Phase II) – Journey So far

Investment Mandatory

Roadmap for the Future Growth – Investment Consumption

Furthermore, the Due diligence function is multi-layered generated from the standpoint of the vendor selection based on admissibility checklist, client testimonial and case studies/ response, financial health report We assistance the international firms to understand profounder about their partners on trade union strike, management background, contracting process and growth, leverage on balance sheet, sustenance services check and excellence management in pre and post sales course. Whereas, in the Ken Research’s market research report comfortable transactions encirclement mergers and acquisitions, partnership, joint venture and alliances and equity transaction support advisory services.

Nonetheless, while enrolling the due diligence report our forecaster sidestepped the excessive information to form the report brief. Our market research subscription report should transference the chosen level of slackening about the forthcoming investment and also the essential perils involved. The report should be experienced to deliver the getting company with information such that no wearisome contracts are engaged which could potentially maltreatment the principal return on investment.

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