Microsoft released its new update for the current Windows 10 in October 2020. This release is known as the Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2. It is the second biggest Windows 10 update in 2020 after version 20H1, which is known as the May 2020 update. 

The updated 20H2 version packs several notable refinements and enhancements. It will increase the security of your PC, allow the user to customise their device, and do so much more. Through this article, you will discover some of the biggest changes made in this new update. 

What Are the New Features in the October 2020 Update?

The new version is not that different from the May 2020 update, but it includes several changes to enhance your computer experience. Some of the notable features you will meet include:

  • Game Mode: Using the Windows Key + G buttons, you can switch your PC into gaming mode. This will turn off notifications giving you an undisturbed gaming experience, especially when playing games like book of ra online free, which needs no distractions.
  • Start Menu: In the previous version, the start menu matched your accent colour. However, in the 20H2 update, the tile will match that of your theme. For instance, if you are using the dark theme, then the tile will be black, and light is using the light theme. 
  • Microsoft Edge: This comes with improved performance, but it is missing some of the unique features that were in the previous version. However, this new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has a privacy feature, which can block any site that is trying to track you online. 
  • Taskbar: You can now personalise your taskbar so that you can easily find what you are looking for. 
  • Tabs: Users can now jump quickly on opened web pages by selecting Alt and Tab keys. Previously, you could only see a single window. To activate this option, head Settings, System, and then Multitasking.
  • Notifications: Check the app logo at the top of the screen when you receive a notification. This will allow you to view where the notifications are coming from. You can also press X to dismiss it. 
  • Light and Dark Modes: Choose between light and dark modes and let your tiles stand out. 
  • Pin tabs of Website tabs: If you have used a website a couple of times and have other tabs opened, then you can pin that page on the taskbar. 
  • Magnifier can Read Texts: The new, improved screen-magnifying feature can now read the text aloud.
  • Emoji: Tap on the Emoji panel and get a chance to share how you feel in the new Windows 10. You can also use kaomoji to make faces with symbols and text.
  • Cursor: Make your cursor bigger and change its colour to make it easier to spot it on the screen. 
  • Tablet Mode: In the October 2020 update, users can use the tablet more anytime without flipping the keyboard.

These are some of the notable changes made in the latest Windows 10 October update. Though they are not big alterations, they are sure to enhance your user experience. Besides, the user interface is made more friendly and improved. If you want to update to Windows 10 October 2020, then you can do so on versions 1903, 1909, and 2004.