How QuickBooks install diagnostic tool can help users in solving errors? QuickBooks is the most well-known accounting software in the market in today’s date. And the makers of it keep on launching its new features and tools to make it easy and safe to use. The users can depend on the QuickBooks for handling all their accounting chores. While using QuickBooks, users may face issues, but you don’t need to worry because QuickBooks’ diagnostic tool can help you in fixing all the issues you are facing.


A diagnostic tool is a repairing tool, it is designed to identify and fix the issues of the QuickBooks automatically. It also helps you lower down the time to resolve the issue. If you have installed the tool, and after that whenever you find the error, you must first try the QuickBooks to resolve the error.  Though, here in this blog, you will find –how this tool helps you in solving the errors and how you can get it in your system.

What error can be solved with the help of QuickBooks install diagnostic tool?

  •       MSXML damage
  •       QuickBooks Error Code 1402
  •       QuickBooks has stopped working error
  •       QuickBooks Error Code 1603
  •       .NET Framework errors
  •       QuickBooks Error Code 1904
  •       C++ related errors
  •       QuickBooks Error Code 1935
  •       QuickBooks unrecoverable error
  •       QuickBooks is not working error

The tool can help detect the error and then solve it in a couple of minutes. Other than this, you will notice many other benefits of diagnostic tools.

How to use to detect the error?

Do you want to learn how to use QuickBooks diagnostic tool? Well, follow the below-given steps:

  1.     First, you need to download the tool, and
  2.     Then follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool
  3.     Run the tool
  4.     Download the current update for Windows
  5.     Now do a manual fix for the errors
  6.     Utilize the Selective Start-up methods

Steps to fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation Errors

Step 1: Run the QuickBooks desktop Install Diagnostic Tool

  1.     Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  2.     Then click on QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  3.     After the download is completed, open the downloaded file
  4.     Then Run the file and get it ready for the Installation process
  5.     After this turn off your diagnostic tool, and restart your computer
  6.     It will make sure that QuickBooks components are updated appropriately or not.

Step 2: Download the latest windows updates

  1.     Open the Windows update window
  2.     There check if any QuickBooks update is available or not
  3.     If the update is available then download it
  4.     Once the download process is completed, then you need to install it
  5.     After installing all the updates, restart your computer.

Note: Restarting your computer after each update pr download ensures that it is downloaded completely or not.

Step 3: Manually fix error

If in the case due to any issue, QuickBooks diagnostic tool fails in fixing the error that you are facing, then you will need to fix it. Try troubleshooting the error manually.

Step 4: Uninstall or Install QuickBooks Desktop

First, you need to uninstall the QuickBooks desktop and then re-install it. After it completed then check if the error that you are facing is solved or not. This step may work for you to fix QuickBooks errors.

If you have used all the methods to fix the issue, but none of them worked for you, then it means there may be a problem with your operating system or computer. You can check this by running the troubleshooter of your computer. If there is any error then it may catch it and attempt to fix it.

If in case your QuickBooks diagnostic tool fails in detecting and solving the error, then you can contact the techniques to know what wrong with your QuickBooks.

Fix the Installation Error with the QB Tool

Here is how you can solve the installation error in QB:

  1.     First, start your computer in the selective start-up mode
  2.     Then you need to open the Run command box by pressing Windows and R key on the keyboard simultaneously.
  3.     In the box that appears before you, type msconfig and then click OK
  4.     Now select General Tab and click on ‘Hide all Microsoft Services option’
  5.     Select the ‘Disable all’ option
  6.     Next, you need to unmark the “Hide Microsoft services’ checkbox
  7.     Check the list “list of service” and then select the ‘Windows Installer checkbox’
  8.     And ensure to check this box and press ok
  9.     Go to system configuration and select ‘Restart’
  10. This will restore your computer to its “Normal Configuration”

QuickBooks diagnostic tool is a valuable the easy to use tool that can help you in solving so much of errors that occur in QuickBooks. But if it fails to solve your problems then you will need to contact the experts.


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