A vintage piece of wooden furniture is an invaluable item that you should restore in your house. You might have some old furniture, which is basically crying out for a makeover. It can be because this has not been well looked after, or simply because this has already gone out of style. Whatever the reason, now’s the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Updating the look of old furniture and restoring it properly by giving a new and stylish look can be one of the daunting tasks. If you really wish to undertake a complete or only a partial restoration, you will have to avoid a few mistakes.

Failing To Evaluate the Furniture’s Worth

A costly step in the process of wood restoration is to not knowing the ultimate value of the antique furniture before starting your work. In fact, skipping this specific step and heading right into stripping and sanding might lead to decisions that could significantly reduce the worth of the piece. For instance, you may inadvertently sand off some of the valuable or markings on some hidden surfaces and then lose any reference to the wooden furniture’s origin, age, or make.

Failure to evaluate the wooden antique’s value could also lead to poor decision-making on whether to paint or refinish the piece. Some of the beautiful wooden antique pieces are also valuable to be coated with paint and should be stained or refinished instead.


It is the very first step to restore any piece of wooden furniture. How well you apply the sanding process on your furniture will have a massive impact on the final result. Sanding helps to smooth and level the entire surface, and it eradicates the imperfections and splinters. You will simply have to be able to run your hands over the surface without feeling any splinters or rough patches. If you do not do sanding properly, this will be much more difficult to apply paint or varnish. You can also check the second-hand furniture in South Australia and ask an expert about the process.

Failing To Do the Necessary Repairs

After stripping and before the staining and sanding process, you need to make the required repairs. So, you will have to replace all the broken screws and knobs at a point. Repair cracked sides or even lopsided drawers and reattached broken joints. In fact, this is also a perfect opportunity to fill in holes with the like-colored putty.

Failing To Clean Thoroughly

Going straight ahead into painting or refinishing procedures without cleaning a surface can lead to a significant waste of effort and time. This might affect the wooden finish. You will surely not want dust or cobwebs to get stuck in a varnish or paint. So, you will have to ensure that you acquire the right process of cleaning it.

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