According to recent research, there are around 24 million eCommerce sites in the world. And this number is going to rise rapidly. By the year 2040, it is estimated that more than 90% of the total purchases in the world will take place via eCommerce platforms themselves. So, if you are planning to launch an eCommerce site of your own, then there is no better time to start than today! This is the very right time to make the very right decision for your Online Business. This is the high time for businesses. If you also wish to take your online business to the peak of success, then hurry up and get started to create a fully-fledged eCommerce site of your own on the WordPress platform. 

When it comes to creating an online store or an eCommerce site, then there is no better choice of the platform than the WordPress Platform. This is one of the best platforms for both the tech-savvy users and the non-techies as well. So, if you don’t have enough technical knowledge, then also you don’t have to worry. This is an easy to manage platform. WordPress is completely free and anyone can launch their eCommerce site for free of cost. But, to further extend the functionality of the eCommerce site, you need to have the most reliable set of WordPress Plugins. And Woozone is one of the most prominent online destinations that is offering the best quality WordPress Plugins with the best support at the most affordable price option. WordPress is enabling users to sell pretty much anything they want. There are a few must-have WordPress Plugins. So, let’s take a quick look at them!

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

We understand that choosing the right plugin for your eCommerce platform is a crucial decision. So, we are here to help you while serving the best options for the WordPress Plugins. We are very sure that these top 5 WordPress plugins by WooZone will help you to grab more growth opportunities for your eCommerce site. 

  1. Woo Multi-Currency Plus

This is a payment solution that enables users to deal with worldwide customers without any restriction. While dealing worldwide, the most common problem faced by users is the currency. So, this WordPress plugin is specifically designed and developed by the team of Woozone to easily set up the exchange rate manually or automatically. 

Features of Woo Multi-Currency Plus

  • Enables the users to set up exchange rates manually.
  • Configure the display of price via Frontend
  • Enables to add permanent exchange fees to exchange rates. 
  • Allows users to easily set up custom prices. 
  • Display the product price according to the location of the customers.
  • Shortcuts to display the currencies exchange widgets and exchange rates on the frontend. 
  1. Woo Membership

The team of WooZone developed the advanced membership plugin to restrict the content of your eCommerce site. This is one of the most prominent solutions if you are planning to bring the content, store, and memberships together. So, if you also want to transform your WordPress site into a Membership site to earn recurring income, then get this powerful plugin now! So, what are you waiting for? Sell the membership of your eCommerce site as an individual product and create a monthly income stream. To know more, let’s take a closer look at the various features of this flexible and versatile plugin!

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Features of Woo Membership Plugin

  • Enables the users to sell the membership of their site as an individual product. 
  • Enables to grant content access to the members strategically.
  • Turn a Regular eCommerce site into a fully-fledged Membership site. 
  • Offer the most suitable and convenient Shipping Options to Members.
  • Display the advantages to the members automatically. 

Woo Booking

The WordPress Booking is one of the most feature-rich plugins that is developed by the expert team of WooZone. This powerful WordPress plugin is designed and developed to efficiently deal with online booking. This is a simple to use and really very flexible WordPress plugin. It comes with tons of advanced features to enable users to easily manage online bookings, appointment booking, and table reservations for their customers. 

  • Super flexible and easy to use
  • Enables to set custom prices
  • Offers fully automated bookings
  • Set the cost per block, tax, offer