The research report on the global yeast market brings to the fore dominant trends, threats, and opportunities that will influence this market in the future. Yeast, which ranks among the most widely used food ingredients, has been known to mankind since many centuries. The dynamics of the yeast market are bound to be impacted by other prevalent trends and this report brings these very influencing aspects to the fore.

This report studies the yeast market by segmenting it into types of yeast, the applications of each type, and the geographical markets for this food ingredient. There are numerous aspects that determine the growth rate of the yeast market; detailed analysis reveals precise leads about which segments which will thrive in the near future. Our analysts decode emerging opportunities, and give you recommendations on how to best integrate these with long-term strategies of players in the yeast market.

Furthermore, this market research report also offers a comprehensive overview of the competitive scenario that currently prevails in the yeast market, and also provides projections for the future. Overall, this market research report is especially useful for creating financial models, strengthening marketing plans, and identifying and correcting weak spots in expansion strategies.

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Overview of the global yeast market

Yeast is one of the few food ingredients that have been in use for several centuries.In the contemporary food and beverage sector, yeast finds uses in industries such as baking, winemaking, and animal feed. It is also used in the pharmaceuticals industry and the chemical industry. Yeast helps set off and accelerate the process of fermentation in foods and beverages, thus imparting an improved aroma, flavor and texture to foods and beverages alike. This process of chemically breaking down of food products and other organic substances relies – to a great degree – on the presence of yeast. It is widely preferred for its consistent fermenting properties, and this aspect makes it the most sought-after fermenting agents in the food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals markets.

This market research report segments the yeast market by type, application and geographical market. By type, the yeast market is split into: yeast extract market, specialty yeast market, autolyzed yeast market, yeast derivatives market, and supplement yeast market. From the geographical standpoint, it is the markets of Europe and North America that occupy a major share globally. However, these two geographical regions are currently witnessing stiff competition from the Asia Pacific region that is consistently gaining a larger share of the global yeast market.

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Key factors impelling growth in the worldwide yeast market are: an increasing consumption (and demand) for baked products, a flourishing alcoholic beverages market, and focus on improving the quality of animal feed. In the near future, however, this market will have to find ways to address certain growth barriers, such as intensifying competition for the procurement of basic raw material.

An opportunity that can be profitably harnessed by companies in the yeast market is: the replacement of molasses with filtered dates and a trend of replacing synthetic flavor enhancers with natural ones.

Companies mentioned in the yeast market research report

Players that are most conspicuous in the global yeast market report, and have been profiled in this report, include: AB Vista, Bio Springer S.A., Cargill Incorporated, Alltech Inc., DSM N.V., Angel Yeast Co. Ltd., and An Mauri.

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