Life is like a book! Every new page surprises us with a mixed bag of emotions, feelings, and experiences. Although some experiences bring a lot of happiness and joy, others may make us depressed, sad, and anxious. All in all, life is like a roller-coaster ride with nonstop ups and downs, but that’s what makes life full of surprises, isn’t it?
When life gets overpowering, rather than facing everything with a positive attitude, we used to take stress over challenging tasks, bad experiences, and unfavorable circumstances. This creates tension and panic within, and abruptly we are no longer than the person we used to be.
We let our good habits and our natural living style slip and start to embrace negativity. That’s where depression starts taking control of our life. And if not treated early, we can wind up stuck in a depression loop. In case you want to treat depression in a natural way, nothing is better than doing yoga. Here, we will make you familiar with the top 4 yoga for depression poses to help you boost your mood. Read on.

Yoga For Stress and Anxiety: 4 Easy Poses

There is no doubt to the fact that Yoga is one of the ultimate ways to overcome those misfortune feelings and adopt a positive attitude towards life. The physical advantages of yoga are innumerable and so are its mental benefits. Let’s get started with yoga for depression:

1. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

satu bandasana

Sethu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose gives strength to the back muscles and relieves a tired back. Helping you relax, the pose works wonders for folks who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. It opens up your heart, making you feel light and at ease.
In order to do this stress relief yoga pose, you have to lie down on your back. Keep your arms with the palms facing down. Elevate your legs by folding them at the knees. Bear in mind to keep the knees and ankles in a straight line. After that, lift your entire back off the floor gently and stay in the position for a few seconds.

2. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Child pose

The next pose to include in your stress relief yoga practice is the Child’s Pose or Balasana. It helps you relieve anxiety and stress by calming your brain. In the pose, you have to gently stretch your hips and lower back, so that your body can relax. Calmness and peace hold over your entire being, letting you deal with depression in a better way.
Balasana is one of the easiest yoga poses for depression. Simply kneel and sit on your heels. Ensure that your toes touch each other. Now, bend your body forward, in between your divided thighs while your face touches the ground. Keep your arms on either side of your head. Hold this position for around 1-2 minutes.

3. Downward-Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)


This pose allows fresh blood to flow into your body. The Downward-Facing Dog Pose stretches the cervical spine and neck, thus helping you relieve stress and depression. It strengthens your abdominal muscles, improving digestion.

4. Plow Pose (Halasana)


This yoga for depression pose reduces the strain on your back. Plow Pose calms your brain, giving it a good stretch and helps you get rid of depression.
Keeping insomnia and headache at bay, Halasana is the best calming pose for your nervous system.

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