Till sometime back, I was in a normal 10-6 job, went home straight from the office, and spent quality time with my family at the dinner table before dozing off to bed. Everything was going normal for me until the management of the company changed my work profile.

I was asked by the senior management to head the call Centre of my company. The job involved working till late at night, sometimes even till the wee hours of the morning in order to ensure that the employees do justice to their work.

This shift in work profile disrupted my sleep-wake rhythm. I had to stay awake when other members of my family were sleeping and retire to bed when my children were about to leave for school.

For the first time in my life, I realized that the world gets turned upside down for people who don’t get adequate sleep at night. I started to think about all the people who stayed awake at night due to difficult reasons: anxiety, depression, mental illness, starvation and illness.

Howsoever adjusting your family may be, but daytime is not meant for a serene rest. My sleep got disturbed by the constant sound of phones, doorbells and loud noise. Fatigue and drowsiness impacted my performance to the extent that I was left with no other option but to search for a new job.

My wife understood my turmoil and book an appointment with a sleep expert. He listened to my misery and concluded that the cause of my sleep troubles was the disruption of the circadian rhythm. Incomplete and disturbed sleep during the daytime had taken a toll on my health. I was asked to implement changes in my lifestyle as well as sleep patterns in order to improve my sleep quality.

I took 15 days to leave from my office in order to execute what my sleep expert had advised. I strictly followed what he had prescribed me for: Zopiclone Sleeping Tablets, Yoga, and Meditation, engagement in physical activity and light meals before going to bed. I gave up smoking, limited my alcohol consumption, reduced intake of caffeine and avoided the use of electronic screens before bedtime.

My joy knew no bounds when I was able to sleep peacefully the tenth day. Now I wake up feeling fresh and energetic in the morning. I have requested my boss to shift me to a daytime job which he has readily accepted. Zopiclone next day delivery UK has proved to be a boon for all my sleep troubles.