Drones have become so popular lately due to the numerous applications they can be used for. Whether we are talking about applications in agriculture, civil defense, construction maintenance, energy, warehouse maintenance, transportation, any many others, the use of drone technology will continue to expand due to the wide range of possibilities through which they can help us.


Farmers prefer to use drones because from a bird’s eye view, you can see a lot of things much better. Drones and multicopters are used today in a variety of ways in agriculture, viticulture and forestry.

Multi-spectral cameras and color filters are used to determine the health of crops.

Civil Defense

A large number of authorities and organizations rely today on drones for rescue and safety applications. They use drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to actively fight fires, and for search and rescue operations.

The drone technology is also used in civil protection. The acquisition of aerial images in an operation situation, the use of thermal vision or devices for special measurements, and the transportation of medical equipment, all these apps have become more practical and efficient due to the use of drones.

Construction and Home Maintenance

Drones are also used today by home inspectors to check homes for heat losses (using thermal cameras), roof damage, gutters and sidings damage, etc,

Using the aerial images provided by drones, workers can see the damage done by water and by time without climbing on the ladder and risking their life.

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A major application for drones is maintenance, and I’m talking about preventative and predictive maintenance. Drones can provide accurate data, which can support condition monitoring to speed up the repair processes and minimize downtime.

Drones are used by engineer teams to inspect and maintain solar power plants and wind farms.

Using machine learning, drones can autonomously recognize patterns and regularities using their cameras and sensors, and based on their findings, valuable recommendations for action can be provided.

From automatic surveillance, drones can help engineers see from the air the condition of the wind turbines, solar panels, etc.
Aerial reconnaissance by flying objects saves a lot of time for employees, because instead of looking themselves, they can let the drone fly and have the data images just right away.

Warehouses Management

Drones are used today for both outdoor and indoor operations. This way, drone technology is increasingly used for internal and external goods transportation due to their agile flight capabilities.

Drones can easily fly outside and also inside buildings such as warehouses for inventory control. They can perform tasks like inventory done autonomously or under software control.

Drones are coupled with automatic high lift truck to complete the tasks.

This saves time and protects the workers who otherwise would have had to climb on or operate the machines to manually monitor and count the stock of goods.


Today the technology is also used for sending and receiving packages done by a delivery drone.

This is possible due to a specially developed packing station used by the drones to land and load the package that needs to be transported.