Do you like school romantic anime that makes it baper? Let’s watch this anime romantic school proposal from Jaka. Guaranteed to make baper all day.

Well, We have prepared a list of the best high school anime list suggestions for you. Let’s see more!

10 Best Anime Romance Schools

Love stories in school do have their own nuances that are very different from love stories in college and workforce.

The still unstable character, peer involvement, and even the flow of love that makes dramatic romantic school anime always interesting for you to see.

Of the many anime that carry this theme, here are the best anime romance school recommendations for you.

1. You No Katachi

The first best romantic school anime is Koe No Katachi , this anime is about a girl named Shoko Nishimiya who likes to be bullied by her classmates because she is deaf.

However, the ignorance of a child named Ishida surpassed its peak and eventually hurt Nishimiya. He had to leave school.

Time passed until Ishida along with the guilt that made him turn silent. He also meets Nishimiya again and tries to apologize in any way .

This movie will touch you to the point of rolling around, gang as many emotional moments are guaranteed to make you baper.

Title You No Katachi
Showtimes 17 September 2016
Episode 1 (Movie)
Genre Drama, School, Shounen
Studio Animated Kyoto
Ratings 9.02 (

2. Clannad

The next best anime school is Clannad, this romantic anime can also make your tears well up . Calannad raised the theme of the story of friendship and love in school.

Tomoya Okazaki is a teenager who thinks her life is boring, until she finally meets a girl at school who can change her life .

All the stories of emotion, sadness, happiness, annoyance, all he experienced that changed the personality of each character in the anime into more mature. Let’s watch a movie, gang!

Title Clannad
Showtimes October 5, 2007 – March 28, 2008
Episode 23
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Snippets of Life, Supernatural
Studio Animated Kyoto
Ratings 8.12 (

3. Your Lies in April, Favorite Anime Romance School

Well, if the anime Your Lie in April is suitable for you who are also fans of music, especially piano. This anime changes piano calc music very well and also has a touching story !

You will find various characters with their own problems, because the ongoing story of these problems turns out to be contradictory to each other .

Many things can also be taken from the story in this anime school. Lie You in April is divided into 22 episodes, be sure to watch the anime from the beginning!

Title Your lies in April
Showtimes October 10, 2014 – March 20, 2015
Episode 22
Genre Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Studio Figure A-1
Ratings 8.81 (

Other Best Anime Romance School Suggestions …

4. My Love Story

Have you ever seen the love story between a giant princess and a sweet little princess ? In this romantic comedy anime, you will witness this amazing story.

Well, in this school the romantic genre of anime is about a teenage boy named Takeo Gouda who is big and loves a beautiful teenager named Rinko Yamato.

The story in this romantic comedy anime can not only make you baper, but also invite laughter that makes you not tired of watching. Let’s follow the love story between two teenagers at school!

Title My love story
Showtimes 9 April 2015 – 24 September 2015
Episode 24
Genre Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Studio Flat
Ratings 8.01 (

5. Nisekoi: False Love

Next up is Nisekoi: Fake Love, a complex story about a teenager named Raku Ichijou who has to go through a love story with Chitoge Kirisaki.

Both came from the powerful Yakuza gang , when the two gangs began to quarrel and the situation heated up, only they could create harmony.


Title Nisekoi: False Love
Showtimes January 11, 2014 – May 24, 2014
Episode 20
Genre Harem, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
Studio Poros
Ratings 7.71 (

6. Byousoku 5 Centimeters

Who likes the work of Makoto Shinkai, the animator behind the creation of the anime Your Name?

If you are one of them, make sure you also watch the best anime romantic school movie Byousoku 5 Centimeters or 5 Centimeters Per Second. This anime makes you feel bad like other anime made by Shinkai.

Divided into 3 romantic episodes of Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara who had a close relationship as a teenager, but had to separate because they had to move.

Over time, their relationship faded and so did their love story. Let’s watch this anime guy, don’t forget to bring a tissue, ok?

Title Byousoku 5 centimeters
Showtimes March 3, 2007
Episode 3
Genre Drama, Romance, A Piece of Life
Studio CoMix Wave Movies
Ratings 7.82 (

7. Kimi no Na wa, Best Romantic School Anime

Who doesn’t know this school’s romantic anime? Kimi no Na wa managed to become a sensation when it was first launched.

Talking about the supernatural events that took place in the main character, the story in _anime fantasy romance_ continues to grow to an unpredictable end at all like what.

The quality of the animation presented in Kimi No Nawa is also classified as the highest position, you will lose if you have not watched it.

Title Kimi No Nawa
Showtimes August 26, 2016
Episode 1
Genre Romance, Supernatural, School, Drama
Studio CoMix Wave Movies
Ratings 9.05 (

8. Kimi ni Todoke

Have you ever watched the scary horror movie The Ring? Well, this anime has the main character of a woman with a haircut that resembles a scary ghost in the movie.

The woman stamped as a ghost one day became close to a famous teenager in her class.


Title Kimi is Todoke
Showtimes October 7, 2009 – March 31, 2010
Episode 25
Genre Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Studio IG production
Ratings 8.05 (

9. Toradora!

Toradora! this is a very interesting anime romantic school to watch because of the silly behavior of the characters .

Toradora tells the story of the extraordinary love journey of a teenager named Ryuuji Takasu with Taiga Aisaka who has a very different character.

Taiga is a fierce and cruel teenage girl, once they meet in an embarrassing moment. Uniquely, they keep each other’s feelings.

Didn’t think her love story would end with an experience they could not have imagined. Let’s see the humor of their behavior in this romantic school comedy anime!

Title Toradora!
Showtimes October 2, 2008 – March 26, 2009
Episode 25
Genre Pieces of Life, Comedy, Romance, School
Studio JC staff
Ratings 8.31 (

10. Kotonoha no Niwa

The last is Kotonoha no Niwa or known as the Word Garden . This anime is about a high school teenager who often skips to enjoy the beauty of the park in Tokyo.

One time he met a woman who also likes to be in the park. When they met, feelings of love grew between the two.

However, bad things prevented them , and the bad things came from themselves. Let’s take a look at Makoto Shinkai’s special anime that has a heart-warming story with a special visual that spoils the eye.

Title Kotonoha no Niwa
Showtimes May 31, 2013
Episode 1
Genre Pieces of Life, Psychology, Drama, Romance
Studio CoMix Wave Movies
Ratings 8.15 (

That is the best anime romance school that can make you baper all day. Even if it’s just animation, the story being told can touch your heart, gang.

Love stories at school have always been an interesting theme to raise, even in anime.