Knowing the safe sex position during the pregnancy would help you enjoy the sex with no stress. After all, sex is all about enjoying the pleasure that the body and your brain feel during the sex. Intimacy, closeness, and caring for each other can be experienced during sex. You might not get to try all the sex positions, but there are certain positions you can try without worrying.

Remember that any sort of penetration sex will not hurt the baby; however, you should not go the extra mile to try different sex positions during the pregnancy. Use the comfortable posture that helps both of you to enjoy time with each other.

Many experts believe sex is more than penetration. Intimacy can be enjoyed in various forms such as kissing each other, breast pleasure, oral sex, fantasy for each other, and even anal sex. It’s about how you feel emotionally and physically connected.

Oral sex is great for couples for long term emotional bonding. Use Oral sex as the beginning and go with the flow. Try different techniques, get hands-on new sex toys Australia. Sex is all about the new experience that you both would possess in different movements.

The early months of the pregnancy are the right time to experiment and get yourself comfortable in the perfect position. Figure out what could be the best position to have sex. Ensure both are having pleasurable movements. Anything that doesn’t make you feel stress is perfect for both of you.

Here are some of the best sex positions that you can try during pregnancy.

1) Sex From Behind:

It is one of the popular sex positions among couples. The posture of women and men give them a perfect balance position where non of the body part feels stress. The pressure is off the belly enabling the pregnant partner to comfortably hold the position for a long duration. Use a soft cushion underneath to add more comfort. While doing the sex from behind the person has to control the depth to avoid the penis from hitting the cervix.

2) You on top:

The position is very comfortable for the pregnant woman as it creates the perfect sitting position for her. The men on the other hand will have complete control over the penetration. The position is also supported by many scientific communities. Adjust your weight to make your body sit in a relaxed position.

3) Spooning sex:

While sleeping you can hold your partner from the back. Both will have comfortable posture. The body will be fully relaxed. Also, the pregnant woman will have her belly in the resting position on the soft bed. Therefore, the Spooning sex is very convenient during the pregnancy. You can even try different Sex toys in this position and increase the level of pleasure for the women.

4) Reverse cowgirl:

The reverse cowgirl could not be suitable for the later month of the pregnancy. You can try this position in the early stage of the pregnancy where the size of the belly is small, and your partner can move freely. The position keeps the partner on top of you in the straddling position. Use the slow-motion penetration technique to reach the orgasm. It would be fun to try this position as you both will have the perfect time to enjoy the Cowgirl sex position.

5) Standing:

The position will work for all kinds of people. Hold your partner from behind by holding the waist gently. Take the support of the wall so your pregnant partner can control her body weight. Put both the hand on the wall and stable yourself on the ground.

6) Floating pregnant position:

Floating in the water gives the body a resting point and allows the body to float little, so your partner who is under you will not feel much body weight. Also, pregnant women would enjoy the floating position in the bathtub. You can consider this option when you are at 8 months of your pregnancy.

7) Seated pregnancy sex

Seated intercourse could be a great option as it provides the women the perfect position for the orgasm. Also, the body will be in the complete resting position, so there will be no stress on the legs, backs, or belly. In the seated pregnancy sex, the woman is seated on the chair.

She will position herself above their partner who is sitting on the floor. You can adjust the height using the pillow and create a comfortable position for both of you. Use manual actions such as fingers or get the Sex toys. The Sex toys Australia stores have numerous choices to select. You will find many options in the category that would enable you to experience unique pleasurable movements.

8) Pregnant oral sex:

Oral sex is completely safe during pregnancy. You can keep your partner in the sleeping position. There will be no movement in the body or no stress on the legs. Man can use his oral sex technique to enjoy the sex.

9) Anal Sex:

Anal sex is safe during pregnancy. Perform it with gentle movement. You can try it with the doggy style or entering from behind. Spooning can also be an alternative for the anal sex position.

10) Side-by-side sex

Side by side sex can be difficult to perform as it requires practice. It is similar to spooning, but in this sex position, you are facing each other. Side by side sex position would put the pregnant women in a comfortable position. Also, your partner can hold you from the waist. Use the extra pillow to create a soft place around you. Either use your hand or get the sex toys to reach the orgasm.


Sex during the pregnancy is fun and enjoyable when both the partners are aligned. Combine your regular sex techniques with the sex toys. It will be a unique experience for both of you. Sex toys Melbourne would help you to find suitable toys from a wide range of options. Ultimately the goal is to prevent any type of stress on the body and enjoy sex during pregnancy. Try the above techniques and make your partner feel good during the pregnancy.