For handling a large number of operations of your business, a website is very important. Along with this, it is also important that your site is perfectly created, otherwise the visitors will bounce back and you will not be able to drive quality traffic. Avoid these 10 common web design mistakes so that your site runs perfectly.

1.The loading time of the website is much more – If the loading time of your site is more then it will not provide a good user experience. So, you have to take some measures for improving the speed of your site. If your site has bigger images then you need to optimize them by scaling them down. Sometimes your site speed gets lowered down because of the modules, themes and plugins that are hefty. For updating the speed of your site, you need to update these elements.

2.The website does not support mobile devices – A site that is not mobile-friendly will not drive so much traffic. The reason behind this is that today a large number of people in the world are using smartphones for searching something online and if your site does not support mobile devices then they will not be able to see it. So, when designing a site, you have to make sure that it is mobile-friendly.

3.Layout or design of your site is poor – If the layout or design of your site is poor then the visitor can have difficulty in purchasing items or in a newsletter sign-up on your site. As a result, the visitor will leave your site. Therefore, the layout or design of your site needs to be good.

4.Your site does not have CTAs – Sometimes you do not achieve your goals with your site in spite of getting so much traffic like the visitors visit your site but do not purchase an item from it. If you want the visitors to take action on your site then implement CTAs on your web page. The CTA can be like filling up a form. When a user clicks on the CTAs then he can become your customer.   

5.You do not use Analytics for your site and don’t do its SEO – If your site has any issue then its diagnosis is very important so that you can correct it. If you want to get information about the position and rank of your site then you can get help from two diagnostic tools which are Analytics and SEO. In order to ensure that your site gets a good position on the SERPs first page, its SEO will help you a lot. Apart from this, you can get information about your website visitors with the help of a tool known as Analytics. The information can be like what visitors do on your site and how much time they spend on it. So, for the success of your site, you need to use these two tools.

6.The required information is not present on your site – If your web page does not contain the necessary information that a visitor wants then he will not stay on your site for a longer time. Always include your contact information and Google Maps in the web pages of your site so as to grab the attention of users towards your site.

7.The color, style and font size are not right – It is not good for your site if the visitor feels difficulty with its navigation menus and with the text of your blog. If you want to prevent the visitors from making so much effort for getting the necessary information on your site then go for using those fonts and colors in it that are the best. Along with this, it is also important that the font fits properly on the mobile device so that a smartphone user can also access your site easily.

8.You do not update your content – As your content becomes older, its possibility of being seen by the visitors decreases. So, update your content regularly and put the latest information in it so that a lot of users visit your site for seeing the content.

9.On your web page’s top you put the links of social media – The users do not like it if your web page’s top contains the links of social media. This will reduce your site traffic. It will be good to place these links at your web page’s bottom.

10.You do not have a secure site – We cannot call a site secure if has no certification of HTTPS. Without an HTTPS certification, a message like “this site is not safe” will appear on the browser of the user. The information that is transferred from the user to your site or vice versa is encrypted by HTTPS so that the hackers can’t hack it. Therefore, it is necessary for your site to have a certification of HTTPS.

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