For a large part of Internet users, Google is an integral part of life. We use the Google search engine every day to satisfy our unquenchable hunger for knowledge.

So how about we take a break from that and look at some hidden Google tricks, fun searches, and games that Google has hidden behind its vast layers of the database.

You might be asking what the purpose of these Google tricks is. Well, there is none! They are just fun things to do on Google. It is something you can show to your friends, impress them, and show them your geeky side.

In this article, I tracked down all the fun things that you can do on Google and have compiled a Google tricks list. Here it goes:

Best Google Fun Tricks List

Do a barrel roll

One of the most popular fun Google trick is simply asking Google to do a barrel roll. Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” in the search box and see the magic. The page will rotate twice and then come back to its original position. Do check it out.

Atari Breakout

The board game might have hundreds of iterations, but no one can ever forget the experience of the real Atari Breakout from the ’90s. If you never had the chance, then don’t miss out on this one.

Unfortunately, the game is no longer available on Google search but you can still find it in elgooG. On the website, scroll down and select Atari Breakout Game. You will notice all the Google images will be transformed into blocks where you can play the iconic game. Let me know your maximum score in the comments down below.


Askew is another one of the fun Google tricks. Head over to the Google search bar and write “Askew” to see how your page tilts a little. It doesn’t seem as intriguing as the other funny Google tricks, but it’s nice to see the biggest search engine tilting a bit on your desktop.


To understand recursion you should know recursion.” This cool trick of Google is for the IT guys out there.

Search for “recursion” on Google and you will get stuck in an infinite loop much like recursion. Recursion means repeating. Google will show “did you mean recursion?” every time searching for recursion. Again, it is a fun act of Google for all the geeks who understand recursion in the first place.

Google Gravity

Gravity works in amazing ways, even on the Google homepage.  Here’s how, for once, you can make Google fall to your knees –

Type in “Google Gravity” on the homepage and then click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It will redirect you to one of the fun projects called “Google Gravity”. It is a Chrome Experiment done by Hi-Res.

Many fail to realize that the Gravity trick is actually an interactive Google search. However, finding the menus might become a tedious task.


This cool Google trick would certainly please all the Marvel fans out there. Go to elgooG and click on for “Thanos snap trick”. Once you are at the search results, jump to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right-hand side of the page.


This is one of those classic dad jokes that are certainly not funny but make you laugh anyways. So, here is one from Google Developers.

When you search for the word “Anagram”, Google asks you if you meant “Nag A Ram”. It’s nothing but a made-up word, essentially an Anagram of the word “Anagram”, get it?

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Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush seems to have disappeared but you can still find the cool Google search on ElgooG, which is a Google mirror created by the All Too Flat.

Go to ElgooG and select Zeg Rush. Several ‘o’ will start to fall off the search bar and slowly eat up the whole page, leaving nothing behind. It’s fun to watch.

Alternatively, you can access the hidden Google trick by clicking on “I am feeling lucky” after typing “Zerg Rush” on the Google search bar.

Google Sky

Google Sky is another cool trick on Google that enables users to fly through space. You can see celestial objects, including stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon via Google sky.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S trick

Google created this Easter egg on the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom “Friends.” If I ever create a list of cool things to Google, this would certainly hit the spot.

You simply have to search for any sitcom’s character name with the word ‘friends’ to trigger the Easter egg. For example, you can search for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends” and it’ll show a distinct icon for each character on the right side of the desktop. On a smartphone, you’ll be able to spot it easily. Simply click on the icon and see the magic.