Did you know that the average number of construction deaths that occur are the highest compared to any other industry? Construction workers are generally exposed to hazards that can increase their risk of injury or death. The riskiest of them being, falls from great heights! We have realized that worker safety should be of utmost priority at any construction site. So, at Mtandt, we have a wide range of products that we offer for safety concerns. A few of our products include: Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift, Aluminum Scaffolding, Fall Protection System, Portadeck, Porta cell, Porta pad, Portamat, and Web deck


Your favorite mall in the city, the big corporate IT park and the manufacturing units and warehouses all around the city, they are all enormous structures, which require a lot of material handling equipment such as Cranes, Garage Hoist Winch, Knuckle Boom Crane, Composite Crane mats, Temporary Access Mats, and so on. The material handling and man lift equipment is what helps in increasing the safety of the workers on the ground.



  • Boom Lift:


Boom lifts, also known as Man lifts, provide the ability to lift with precise positioning for ultimate versatility in hard-to-access work areas. These lifts are unique in nature, due to their up and over function that navigates obstacles at height. Boom lifts also offer quiet, emission-free operations in the most sensitive work environments. 



  • Scissor Lift:


The most commonly used aerial work platform is a Scissor Lift, that delivers long-lasting performance for a more productive day. This type of aerial work platform lift is ideal for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks. Mtandt provides reliable scissor lifts, which are offered at great prices. The rental fleet of the scissor lift varies as it includes a range of machines based on the brand, working height, lifting capacity, and potential outreach. Construction, facilities management, painting, logistics & warehouse are the most common industries that require scissor lifts to get the job done at height safely. This is one of the essential tools that should be used to ensure safety at construction sites. 



  • Vertical Lift:


Every maintenance or repair work requires overhead reach in tight spaces and vertical lifts provide the best solution. The Vertical Lift is an enclosed system that consists of two columns of trays with an inserter/extractor in the centre. A vertical lift delivers full access with the productivity to finish those pressing tasks. They’re also a safer, more efficient alternative to ladders, giving one a boost of confidence on the job. 



  • Aluminium Scaffolding:


Aluminium Scaffolding is a temporary structure that supports workers while making modifications or repairs to the exterior and interior of a building or surface. It is often used in the form of aluminium scaffold towers or building surfaces for construction or repair sites. Scaffolding rentals are significantly leased during construction work as scaffolding can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, and can also be used for heavy-duty and lightweight jobs.



  • Fall Protection System:


Tactical Safety for Access & Falls (TSAF) is the leading manufacturer of Fall Protection Systems in India. Here at Mtandt, we offer personal fall protection equipment that provides a safe, reliable, and cost-effective experience. TSAF provides Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Engineered Fall Protection Solutions, ideal for Oil & Gas, Logistics, Warehouses, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, and more.



  • PORTA Deck:


PORTADeck is a temporary access and ground stabilization mats that survive extreme weather conditions as well as wet and marshy ground conditions. These access mats are easy to install and have a durable connection system that lasts long. They have a unique double-sided traction surface which is suitable for tyre and metal tracks. 



  • PORTA Cell:


PORTACell is three-dimensional honeycombs of polymeric strips when filled with locally available granular material such as sand, recycled asphalt, soil & fly ash, etc. These portacells upgrade the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. Soil stabilization and ground reinforcement for load support, highways, ports, railways, slope & channel protection, earth retention walls, and landfill & reservoirs are ideal scenarios for installation of Portacells. 



  • PORTA Pad:


Ground Stabilization Pads, also known as PORTAPad, optimizes flexural strength and load distribution over a larger surface and reduces the risk of equipment damage and accidents at the worksite caused by unstable ground conditions. These Stabilization pads are engineered to withstand extreme pressures and optimize flexural strength and load distribution capabilities. The outrigger pads will serve their purpose for years to go on without bending, breaking, rusting, or rotting, or that matter. 


  1. Portamat:

PORTAMat is an innovative system of interconnected High-Density Polyethylene mats that can swiftly be assembled by hand to form approach roads and platforms. These protection mats provide access over unprepared grounds, desert and beach sand, expensive grass turfs, and indoor flooring during events.


  1. Web Deck & Netting Systems:

A Web Deck™ is a solid, stable platform that provides under-deck access for maintenance or refurbishment teams to carry out heavy work tasks with stability, safety for maximum productivity. A solid, stable, and reliable access deck is a must to be deployed on the underside of bridges, jetties, pipe racks, conveyor systems, and so on. Lightweight and strong in nature, these decks can quickly be installed and dismantled. 


WEB Catch™ is a collection of engineered multi-level dropped object protection solutions that safeguard the working crew. It provides high tensile strength netting for protection against potential free-falling or dropped objects. This system can help enhance the safety protection system for workers. This system can be engineered to cater to specific site requirements and can be done for partial or total containment of the site. These systems are typically deployed under bridges, construction projects and offshore installations, and they are installed by our expert partners. 

WEB Net™ is essentially a walk-on netting system deployed for carrying out lighter work safety at heights. Typical deployments of this system would be  at high-rise construction projects, the underside of bridges, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure. This system provides solutions suitable for a wide variety of work tasks including surface preparation and coating application, masonry & concrete repairs, pipe-work installation, and inspection.

Various equipment is offered by Mtandt for construction workers who are exposed to hazards that can increase their risk of injury or death. At Mtandt, we understand the importance of safety at construction sites and so we are here to help you find the best equipment to ensure the safety of you and your workers. 


As we priorities safety over anything else, specially at worksites, we also provide training and certifications to individuals and companies to provide and enhance safety. Effective training can also help increase competence of the workers at the site, thereby also ensuring effective workflow along with safety. 


Now that you know how safety is of utmost priority and how these essential equipment can aid with that, don’t wait anymore! Reach out to us today, as we can help you provide the most suitable solutions for your requirements!


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