In recent times, toothaches have gained notoriety as one of the most prevalent dental issues. Many patients visit a professional orthodontist to get rid of such related dental problems, including a toothache. Several factors can cause tooth pain. It develops when dental issues persist for a prolonged period and grow into a bigger problem. By submitting to early diagnosis and treatment, you can escape toothache and keep the condition from becoming worse. Below your dental hygienist near me has enumerated 10 factors that can cause a person to suffer from tooth pain.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay begins with cavities that affect the tooth enamel. The moment the decay causes damage to the enamel, it proceeds towards the dentine, leading to sensitivity and pain in the person. Eventually, it gets to the tooth’s innermost layer known as the pulp, initiating intense toothache.

Gum disease

A person may experience red and bleeding gums, counter inflammation, as well as tooth pain as a result of gum disease. It is advisable to consult an oral doctor as soon as possible; otherwise, bones and gums may become damaged. Your orthodontist may recommend that you receive gum treatment to remove bacteria and avoid additional damage to the adjacent bones and gums.

Fractures or injuries

You may become a victim of chipped or cracked teeth due to an injury from sports, accident, biting something hard and so on. Critical toothache manifests when the fracture spreads to the middle of the tooth where there are nerve endings. There may be times when you won’t feel pain despite having tooth cracks. As professional dentists, we recommend that you treat any fractured teeth you have before it develops into another bigger problem.

Damaged dental fillings

They are usually used to protect sensitive areas of the tooth. When dental fillings get damaged, they leave the sensitive parts to be exposed to temperature, bacteria, pressure, and food particles. You can experience sensitivity and pain when chewing.

Teeth grinding

Also called bruxism, teeth grinding causes pain in the neck, jaw and other muscles, as well as toothache. You might not notice the problem as it happens involuntarily while sleeping. An orthodontic specialist recommends wearing a custom-made mouth guard when sleeping to treat your tooth pain issue.

Improper flossing and brushing

Several people apply excessive pressure on their teeth while brushing and flossing, which results in bleeding of the gums. When you put too much pressure for an extended time, it can make your gums shrunk and damage your teeth, leading to pain.

Tooth sensitivity as a result of temperature

If you encounter tooth pain during or after eating hot or cold drinks or foods, this tends to cause tooth sensitivity. Your enamel might get damaged and the dentine exposed. The root part of the nerves remains over there, which cause tooth sensitivity when it comes in contact with anything.

Misaligned wisdom tooth

A person can suffer toothache during the extraction of wisdom teeth. Misaligned wisdom teeth cannot erupt via the gum line, resulting in severe pain and inflammation below the gum. Do not hesitate to call your dental care provider for emergency orthodontic care and treatment.

Dental abscess

As a result of dead nerve or gum issues, you may experience dental abscess. It is acute and developed around the teeth. In some cases, it produces excessive swelling and pain. It is advisable to consult a dental professional immediately because the nature of abscess as an infection can affect your general state of health.

Inflammation of sinus

It is possible to experience toothache when the sinuses become inflamed due to flu or the common cold. When this happens, you will experience several symptoms in your upper teeth, including persistent pain, pressure and sensitivity.

We hope reading this article has given you useful knowledge about the causes of tooth pain and how they can result in tooth sensitivity and discomfort. We strongly recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, floss once daily and schedule routine check-ups to enhance your dental hygiene and minimise the risks of toothache.

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