New Year is coming! We’re sure that some of you are searching for the Feng Shui this 2021 when it comes to your home. In 2021, most decorations are not only red, but they also have an Ox drawn. The celebration for the Chinese New Year in 2021 will last 15 days, and the whole world knows it as the Spring Festival. People prepare for this holiday about a month before it actually happens. They purchase objects, gifts, and things to embellish their houses, food, and clothes. And prior to the actual preparation of the festive dinner for the New Year, all the things you need to buy should be completely finalized. Next year would be the year of Ox, and it is expected to be one of the intense activity and big energy movements. 

Feng Shui is also called Chinese geomancy, it seeks balance and harmony in the middle of its primary elements, such as water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. Although Feng Shui principles are utilized in plenty of areas of life, they are normally applied in interior design since the tools used in Feng Shui analysis are the simplest way to apply in your home. Here are some tips from new home builders to consider: 


1. Utilize Ball-Shaped Objects 

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When it comes, round shapes mean unity and harmony. How can these circles be used in decoration? For example, you may use round dining, chairs, coffee tables, lamps, armchairs, ottomans, vases, pillows, and other accessories without poking corners to give your home good energy. 


2. Put a Money Tree Plant 

If you’re into indoor plants, this is the perfect idea for you. In the corner of your bedroom, you may place a money tree plant. Doing this will avoid the stagnation of energy in that very corner. If you think your relationship with someone is fading, opt for pink and red. This kind of colours will contribute greatly to your love life. But be sure to be careful when using these colours since they can be too strong. You may just use it as minimal accents. 


3. Use Colour Oranges and Tangerines 

Round Houses and Circular Interior Style
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According to Chinese Tradition, on the New Year, it’s recommended to decorate your dinner table using oranges and tangerines since these fruits are known to gravitate fortune. Plus, it’s also suggested that the table should have some trays on top filled with sweets and dry fruits to ensure energy dynamism. 


4. Utilize Paper Cuttings 

Chinese families love to embellish their doors with red paper cuts in the shapes of the word “fu”, which means “luck”, but also with images depicting bats, fishes, and other animals that agree with the respective year. 


5. Place Metal Ox Decorations 

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If you want more luck and success, metal is the element that captivates ideal energies on your side so you are able to achieve your goals with utmost accuracy and effectivity. This element is well-connected with west and north-west, the Feng Shui masters advice to pick colours like golden and grey. 


6. Supply enough lighting in dim areas 

According to Feng Shui, all rooms should have an entry for light to come in. This is actually right since light operates energy and sets it in motion. You also need to think early when you are using multi-level lighting and be careful of additional light sources like little lamps or floor lamp to start to bring positive energy in the entire house. 

Candles can’t be missed out! They make a uniquely intimate atmosphere in the room that cannot be accomplished with other lighting options. 


7. Place floral arrangements 

As a symbol of rebirth, every house must have blooming flowers inside their homes on New Year. It’s suggested that you choose floral arrangements made of bamboo and plum blossoms or pine branches which are all popular during this period. Bamboo is for flexibility, plum flowers are for perseverance, and pine is for longevity. 


8. Display Red Envelopes 

Chinese Red Envelope Decor — Christina of Chinatown
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For New Year, make sure that you are prepared to have several Chinese red envelopes displayed on your table, for every guest or family member. This symbolizes generosity and love, which in return will be rewarded with luck and prosperity. 


9. Table Must Be a Bigger One 

A large table surface signifies more chances for success and growth. This is why a table with wide tabletop is your best bet. Make sure that you place this table in a superior position, this means it should be in a place where you can see most of the room such as the doorway. This means you are giving a position of power. Therefore, you will feel guarded on a subconscious level and will be more successful in managing your own space. 


10. Eliminate all the mess and clutter 

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Your house in 2021 should be in perfect order, or at least close to perfect. This is very important for arranging and decorating any Feng Shui room. Your layout should be detailed such as getting rid of overloaded shelves, disorganized shelves, broken stuff, and unneeded papers, otherwise, these will all have a negative flow of energy in your home. A tip here is to just save some accessories and things that you love or have a special value for you. There should be at least 70% space free on the table.