Cheryl ODonovan and Tom Wolferman have collaborated their 메리트카지노 efforts to create a book for women of the Baby Boomer Generation with their recently released book, The Estrogen Underground. Cheryl brings her cartoonist and writer skills while Toms satire balances out the varied topics for todays women that are talked about in a frank and downright funny manor.

The Estrogen Underground consistently uses light humor along with comic strip like characterizations on every page of the book. The font is a nice, readable size that occasionally mixes with the images, but not so much so that it is difficult to read.

Seven entertaining chapters banter on issues from bad wardrobe choices, changed perceptions of aging women, crazy fads, wild diets, exercise, make-up and hair escapades and plastic surgery, to more serious issues like careers verses hobbies.

Yet throughout the book the main focus seems to be of living in the moment with love and acceptance of ones self.

Topped off with amusing and amazing quotes from famous people along with intimate, personal stories makes The Estrogen Underground a perfect gift for working or family women aged between 40 and 60.

ISBN#: 0-9767732-7-9

Author: Cheryl ODonovan and Tom Wolferman

Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher