The X-ray was discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. This is a great discovery in health field. With X-ray the human tissue can be seen through to diagnose a certain condition. With this, any broken bones and joint dislocation be seen clearly. Surely, this is very helpful to the health filed.

In the reality, X-rays are different from the visible light rays. X-rays have shorter wavelength that gives the rays unique properties. With their short wavelength, the X-rays cannot be absorbed by the things so that we cannot see those things. However, the visible light rays can be absorbed well by many objects that make those objects are visible for our eyes.

Since they are invisible, X-ray must use a certain machine to make it work. The X-ray machines consist of one electron in a glass tube the middle of the machine. Just like in a fluorescent lamp, there is a heated filament in a half of the electron pair. Another half of the electron pair will be drawn by the device. This process will create X-ray that it is focused to the body of the patient. To avoid the damage caused by the energy reaction of the X-ray, the machine has cooling elements inside.

When the X-ray is being sent through the body of a patient, the wave is absorbed by tendons, bones and ligaments. You will find that there is a camera in the other side of the machine to pick up the pattern that is left by the X-ray. You will find that the film is almost the same with the ordinary film. To see the result of the X-ray, the film must be opposed to a visible light.

Additionally, you can place the film onto a white screen. Make sure that the screen has light that can shine though the film. You will find that bones will look lighter because there are more X-rays are absorbed by the bones. Thus, you can see many signs that indicate a certain injury or disease inside the body with this machine.

You will find that X-ray is very Lead Lined Doors For X-Ray Rooms important in health nowadays. With this, doctors will get the easiness in doing the curing procedure. They will get the easiness in diagnosing a certain injury. The machines for X-ray can be found in every hospital and every doctor’s office. Surely, X-ray is very useful is health field with all its function to give the doctors easiness in doing the correct treatments to the patients.