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Let’s talk about shoes & their quality:

Putting On Proper Shoes

Every day, you walk on your feet, forcing them to bear the weight of your body. Over time, repeated stress on your feet can create harm. Your feet will be better protected if you wear the correct shoes. Foot problems might be exacerbated by wearing the improper shoes. To assist you pick a shoe that meets your foot needs by applying Southern Tide Coupons & Get discount upto 20%

Read the information below.

  • Foot Shape that fits inside the shoe’s form.
  • The shape of the foot overlaps the shape of the shoe.
  • Your foot contour will be covered by a suitable shoe fit
  • It’s a horrible fit if the shoe doesn’t cover the shape of the foot.

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What is the shape of your feet?

You must know the shape of your foot in order to need a suitable fit. Perform the following easy test: Place your foot on a sheet of paper and trace around it while standing. Do you have a straight or curved foot? Do you have a foot condition, such as a bunion, that forms a bulge on the side of your big toe on your foot outline?

Getting to know yourself

Take your foot outline to the shoe store to aid in the selection of the appropriate shoe. To see if a shoe matches the shape, place it on top of the outline. The shoe should be large enough to cover the outline. (If you have a bunion, the shoe may not be able to cover the protrusion.) To stretch over the bunion, look for supple leather shoes.) Put your shoes on once you’ve selected the right pair. Take a look around. Make sure your shoes aren’t rubbing or pinching you. You’ve found your fit if the shoes are comfortable.

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The ideal footwear for you

Comfort and support are key elements of a good shoe. It must also fit your feet properly in terms of size and shape. Look for a breathable fabric and lining, such as leather or canvas, in your shoe. To avoid slipping, make sure your shoes have enough tread. Visit a reputable shoe store for assistance in selecting the appropriate shoe or shop online by using Southern Tide Coupons

Features of a good shoe

The following are characteristics of an ideal shoe:

  • Supportive laces Try shoes with Velcro fastening or buckles if tying laces is a challenge for you.
  • A 12-inch gap in front of your longest toes in the front of the shoe (toe box).
  • Your foot is supported by an arch.
  • Heel height should not exceed 112 inches.
  • The back of the shoe is rigid and snug to prevent your foot from moving around.
  • There are no scratchy seams and the lining is silky.


Shopping advice for shoes

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when shopping for shoes. Also apply Southern Tide Coupons to get discount it:


  • Choose shoes that are comfortable. They’re great for wearing around the house. Then take them to your foot doctor to make sure they fit. Return them if they don’t fit properly.
  • Late in the day is the best time to shop because your feet will be slightly larger.
  • Have both of your feet measured while standing every time you buy shoes. The size of your feet changes over time.
  • Choose shoes that are appropriate for the situation. High heels are fine for a night out on the town every now and again. However, for everyday wear, opt for a more practical shoe.
  • Put on shoes while wearing any foot inserts you may have (orthoses).
  • Both the right and left shoes should be tried on. Choose a pair that suits the bigger foot if your feet are various shapes.


  •  Buy shoes just based on their size. Always try on shoes because sizes vary across brands and within brands.
  • Expect your shoes to take a long time to “break in.” Don’t buy them if they don’t fit in the store.
  • Don’t buy a shoe that isn’t the right fit for your foot.

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Socks, for example.

Socks should always be worn with shoes. Socks absorb perspiration and prevent blisters by reducing friction. Choose comfortable, padded socks with smooth seams that won’t bother your feet when looking for shoes. Southern Tide Coupons can be accessible on Accessories also.

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