Gifts are a great way of expressing your love for someone in a very subtle way. This expression sometimes gets too expensive for some people. But expressing your love should not be made difficult and expensive. It should be so easy that we can express our love more frequently and spread maximum smiles on maximum faces.

Do you know what gifts can prove to be the best gifts? You can get the most expensive and unique gift from any shop but the best gifts are those that show someone how much we love them and care for them. These gifts are important because of the effort and thought we put in. These are the simplest things that when coming from a loved one make so much more meaning. We have compiled some of the best cute gift ideas for your friends and family far away from you. These are simple and easy yet better than any other gift you can get from the best gift shop in Lahore.


Get well soon

We know the blue hues of being sick and this feeling increases many times if you are away from home. If your loved ones are away from home due to any reason and are sick, then this is the perfect package to gift them. You can find the items easily in any local store and just pack them in a cute way with flowers and you can make their time better. Take a cardboard box and put the following items in it:

  1. Medications for the specific sickness
  2. Tissue packs
  3. Band-aids
  4. Microwavable soup
  5. Canned home-made food or tinned food
  6. Vicks VapoRub
  7. Tea
  8. Thermometer
  9. Scented candle
  10. A pair of socks
  11. Get well soon card

Exam survival kit

If you have kids, siblings, or friends who live in a boarding school or are living in another city, and have their exams upcoming then you should gift this to them. Even if your friends live in their home, gifting this kit will let them know how much you love them and will help your bond grow. Cute careful gifts like this mean a lot and make a big difference!

Just take a cardboard box and fill it up with the following goodies. If you do not have enough time to buy a new box, look for one that is available in your house and paint it up or cover it with wrapping paper or plain brown paper.

  1. 5 x Home-made cookies / cookies
  2. 5 packs of chips or crackers
  3. Chewing gums
  4. Chocolate bars
  5. Paracetamols
  6. One pack of pens
  7. A diary or notebook
  8. A note with new music recommendations (you can also make a playlist of relaxing music)
  9. Stress ball
  10. Highlighters and sticky notes
  11. A cute hand-written note



If a family member or spouse is away from home and it has been some time since they last came home, maybe it is time for a trip through memory lane. Get a cardboard box and fill them up with stuff that will give them a homely feeling even when far away from home!

  1. Home-made food (brownies, cookies, or anything that will not get stale fast and can be refrigerated)
  2. New and old family pictures
  3. Hand-crafted gifts, artwork, or cards from family members
  4. Room fresheners you use in your home
  5. Photo pendants
  6. A USB with cute video messages from family members and clips of anything important or fun you did recently

If you don’t have time to hand-craft a card, get any greeting card in Lahore from any good gift show and write a note inside it. Although nothing can beat hand-crafted gifts when you don’t have enough time, this is the best option.