In the past, business opportunities were nearly non-existent. As women worked hard to make their voices heard and fight for the ability to join the workforce, they were still often left out when it came to the chance for upward mobility. Now we see women in positions of power all the time, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. While women are able to more freely move up into management positions and more women than ever are a part of the workforce, there are still large disparities and gaps in things like wages and benefits.

As women, continue to prove that they’re willing to put in the work when it comes to breaking down societal barriers and inequities, we are seeing more often that women are the driving forces behind many vital industries. Women are gaining the power and agency to transform the working world, and even though this is something we’ve been doing for decades, the rate at which we are making changes is growing exponentially. The following are some of the top industries where women are making an impact and virtually running the show.

  1. Independent Business Ownership

Now, more than ever before, we are seeing women become their own bosses by starting their own businesses. The opportunity for independent business ownership has become more accessible to women in recent history. It’s because of this accessibility that women are able to experience the empowerment and freedom of entrepreneurship. One of the best small business options for women today is starting a supplement brand. The nutraceuticals industry has a lot of room for aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to make a real difference in the health and wellness sector.

If you’re considering opening your own supplement brand, arguably the most important part is partnering with a trusted dietary supplement manufacturer. Personal care and wellness are at the forefront of everyone’s minds after the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s because of this that your dietary supplements need to be safe and effective in order to make a real impact. The best way to ensure your products are high quality is by working with experienced manufacturers.

The expert private label supplements manufacturers at Superior Supplement Manufacturing have years of experience working with clients to create custom formulas for their supplement products. From designing your product line and choosing formulations to picking label designs and packaging, Superior Supplement Manufacturing can help you with every step of the process. No matter what type of supplement products you’re looking to sell— multivitamins, creams, probiotics— your private label brand needs a knowledgeable team of product testers and manufacturers to help you create high-quality products.

  1. The Trucking and Shipping Industry

The shipping and long-distance trucking industry has long been a male-dominated space. Because these types of occupations have always been considered to be laborious and more masculine, women were often seen as incapable of being truck drivers. Today, though, we can see that this is simply not the case. There are now thousands of women truck drivers and women even run entire trucking companies. Women are proving more and more often that they will not be excluded from areas that men have monopolized for years.

As a woman in the trucking industry, especially if you’re managing truck drivers, it’s important that you have the right tools in your professional arsenal. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a definitive driver shortage. While there are many factors that have caused this shortage, there are ways for you as a fleet manager to expedite the recruitment process and overcome these obstacles. In the past, driver recruitment was a lengthy and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

The recruitment experts at FATj have created intuitive and efficient tools to help you improve your current truck drivers recruitment strategy. Their team understands the importance of lead generation for finding qualified drivers as well as driver retention. Their tools help you design dynamic and successful recruiting campaigns that target potential drivers better than static job board recruitment campaigns of the past. Prospective drivers will come to you and your hiring team will be able to find highly qualified applicants in less time.

  1. Home Health Care

Another major industry where women are taking the lead is the home health care sector. Home care has become increasingly important as we’ve been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Many high-risk individuals are unable to go to the doctor during this time, and they have depended on home health aides to get the healthcare they need during this time.

Women have always been pigeonholed as caregivers, but they often weren’t taken seriously in the healthcare industry. Now more than ever they are stepping up and proving that they are healthcare providers that deserve respect and recognition.

Menorah Park is a crucial agency providing home health care in Syracuse, NY during a time of great need. Their center employs experienced home health aides and can help clients find an aide that is a good fit for their needs. Their caregivers aren’t housekeepers, they are some of the top talents in the Syracuse area that provide superior in-home care.

The caregivers at Menorah Park offer companionship along with experienced personal care such as nutrition and medication management. The first step to receiving the at-home care you need is finding a companion and health aide that cares.

Be sure to dress for success.

If you’re a woman in business, you understand how important it is that you’re taken seriously. You’re also most likely well aware of how difficult this can be. Even though we’ve discussed many cases of incredible women taking over various industries, the world we live in still lacks equity in many spaces.

Misogyny and sexism are still driving forces in keeping women from their own sense of agency in the workforce. Oftentimes, the best way to make yourself seen and heard is through your professional wardrobe.

Not only can your professional clothing command respect from those around you, but it can also help you feel empowered and prepared to take on the patriarchy. One great source for professional women’s garments is Chico’s. Their collection of skirts and dresses are unique, professional, and affordable. The way you dress can impact your confidence and as a professional, your confidence is key. With the help of Chico’s, you can empower yourself through your professional wardrobe.