Roof hatches Adelaide can be used as escape hatches, but in most situations, they provide convenient access to roof terraces, cooling installations, lift machine rooms, window cleaning installations, solar panels, and other facilities on rooftops. Roof hatches can be installed on flat roofs with a maximum pitch of 30

Until a few years ago, a fixed caged ladder was used to access the roofs of commercial buildings. This fixed caged ladder was mounted on the outside of the building (which didn’t exactly improve the building’s appearance) and meant making a long vertical climb from ground level to the roof.

roof hatches Adelaide


  • Unending Benefits Of Roof Hatches

The big advantage of a roof access hatch is that you only need to bridge one floor. By installing a roof access hatch, the climb to the roof takes place indoors and you can use the existing staircase to reach the top floor of the building. The climb from there to the top floor and through the roof access hatch is then generally only 2.5 to 3 metres and you can easily and safely bridge this height by combining the roof access hatch with a ladder or staircase.

It’s an even easier choice to make when you know that an outside fixed cage ladder is two to three times more expensive than a roof access hatch.

  • Keep The Temperature Of Your Home In Check

As an alternative to roof hatches Adelaide, you can also choose to create a roof access point with a skylight or rooftop house. The access point to the flat roof is generally the highest point in the building and as warm air rises it is therefore also the warmest point in the building.


If you opt to incorporate a rooftop house or skylight into your roof access point, the risk of heat loss is high. The rooftop house is a large open space that completely fills up with warm air from elsewhere in the building. That’s a waste of energy, as you lose heat from your building to fill an empty space.

  • Safety And Accessibility 

Roof hatches enable easy and safe access to your roof, attic, and other hard-to-reach areas in your home. Old metal ladders rust and new staircases are difficult and expensive to install. 

Portable ladders can be dangerous if they tip over or give way under pressure from age and damage. Installing a roof hatch eliminates these potential dangers. It also ensures you never get stuck on your roof or left unable to access it in an emergency.

Tasks that were once an annoyance, like cleaning gutters, become simpler and safer to perform without the need for movable ladders. It also becomes easier for maintenance workers to check your roof and perform services. This can help cut renovation and maintenance costs down the road since the fewer time contractors spend repairing your home, the less they will charge.

Finally, many homeowners install corrosion resistant roof hatches so they can take advantage of flat rooftop space. Roof hatch Adelaide is the most convenient way to add accessibility to a rooftop, making it easy to set up a dining area or outdoor coffee table.

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