Furniture is undoubtedly a crucial part of the restaurant design that reflects the personality of the place. The chairs and the restaurant tables can have a deep impact on the perception of a customer about your business. Although you realize the importance of buying the right tables for the restaurant, you may end up making a few common mistakes and becoming a struggling contender in the competitive industry.

Know about the mistakes

It is time to learn how to balance all the elements while buying the tables, chairs, and other furniture to make the customer comfortable and happy once they enter the diner.

Before starting the hunt for the right table, you should know about the key elements to look for:

  • Aesthetic
  • Comfort
  • Dimensions

Continue reading to rectify the common mistakes and make the best purchase.

Mistake #1: Failing to select the right type of table

Do you know your target customers? The type of the restaurant tables should be in harmony with the nature of the customers and the type of food you serve. The worst mistake in the restaurant business is to buy a tabletop that does not appeal to the target customers.

  • Offer something different than what the other restaurants are keeping as the tabletop.
  • Price is obviously an important decisive factor, but that does not mean you have limited options. Ask for all the options from different vendors within your budget. Choose the best one from the lot and keep in a note to select something unique to stand out different from the other restaurants.

Also, you should maintain the theme of the restaurant in the design of these tables.

Mistake #2: Wrong assumption of dimensions

You need to understand the space available before planning the tables. The dimensions of the restaurant tables will depend on how many seating arrangements you want within the available space.

  • All the tables need not necessarily be of the same dimensions. Instead, plan out how many two-seaters, three-seaters, four-seater, or bigger tables can fit.
  • If you want to keep separate spaces for the couples, then calculate the dimensions that will help them spread the food comfortably.

A thorough calculation concerning the area available is essential for avoiding mistakes in designing the right-sized tables.

Mistake #3: Choice of material

Most restaurant owners make a mistake in choosing the material for the tabletop. For instance, if you want to use some of the restaurant tables outside the café as an outdoor counter, you should certainly avoid the wooden tabletops because:

  • These demand for much maintenance and cleaning
  • Weather elements and harsh sunlight can damage the glue joints and finishing of the wood like ash, maple, and teak.

Hence, you should be particular about what type you choose to avoid such limitations. Also, ensure that if there is a chance of continuous liquid spills, you need a material that won’t suffer from damage even on consistent wiping with solutions.

Mistake #4: Take hue into consideration

The hue of the restaurant tables can play a significant role in maintaining aesthetic unison. Moreover, it can also affect the way people perceive the food you serve.

You will be surprised to hear that there is a distinct correlation between eating habits and colours. For instance, red stimulates appetite, whereas blue is a suppressant, white always represents hygiene and cleanliness. Hence, make sure to create a perfect aura for your customers by making the right choice.

Stay on the right path

Now that you know about the basic mistakes, you can select the restaurant tables after analyzing all these factors. Staying on the right path will help you optimize the entire design of all the pieces of furniture in the area. It can actually impart a different effect to the restaurant altogether, driving the customers to your restaurant.