There will be occasions when you want to lay down, but it would be difficult to find the bed. For instance, you find the partner in the bar or while traveling where no place is available nearby. In such a situation, you cannot control yourself and possibly need to find an alternative to make the magic happen.

Sex in public is exciting, but before you jump into the process, you should be aware of the state law to avoid getting into trouble. You should be very careful when having sex in a public place.

Performing sex without a bed keeps both the partner high during the sex. The bed may sometime makes you lazy, and you may lose the control over your emotion. Sex in bed is considered less creative when it comes to trying different positions. Repeating the same position, again and again, makes the couple feel bored, and they will not have passionate love with each other. Therefore, some couples start using couple sex toys.

When you get the opportunity to have sex without a bed, you should be prepared. You must know what to do next, and how to impress the girl without making her uncomfortable. There are a handful of sex positions that you can try when you have a partner in a public place where you cannot reach the bedroom. You should be quick and ready with the solution as your partner may lose interest in you if you are not taking quick action. It is not the time to think, but time to take quick actions. So knowing some of the best positions would help you to grab the opportunity without wasting time.

Here are the top 4 positions you can try when there is no bed around.

1) Standing:

How to do it:

Make your partner stand in the back and ask him to enter from behind. Hold the wall for the support and lean your back to create perfect posture. It will make the position comfortable for both of you.

The standing sex position is most popular among couples, as it doesn’t require you to remove your clothes. It is quite comfortable and does the job well. No need for a bed or any support to perform the position, however, if the wall or something in front is available, it will support your weight. People try the standing position in public or the places when they are away from their home.

2) X Marks The Spot:

How to do it:

To perform this sex position you need a table or counter with a flat surface where your partner can lay down at an equal height. Next, cross your legs and put on the shoulder of your partner, and hold your hand to the side of the table to create the perfect position. Then ask your partner to enter from the front as you perform the missionary position.

Furniture, desk, or someplace to hold your partner would be easily available where you can enjoy the sex. The woman gets a perfectly rested position where she can enjoy the penetration. Also, the male has the opportunity for deep penetration. The position is best for people who have small size penis.

3) Seated Oral:

How to do it:

Oral sex can be performed anywhere, and you do not need any preparation for it. No bed is required to do oral sex. Seated oral is the best position for both the partner. You can do it turn by turn. Decide who will go first.

Mostly the men would go first and then women will enjoy their oral sex. You need a comfortable chair. Sit on the chair and spread your legs, so your partner can sit down on the ground between your leg and give you oral sex.

The position allows both the partner to enjoy the sex and reach their organism to satisfy their nerves. Instead of a chair, you can use anything, which you find around like a table, stool, speaker, stairs, etc. If you are carrying the couple sex toys with you, you can use them while oral sex. These days the sex toys are easily available in the Adult shop online. You can find small to large size toys that fit in your bag or pouch.

4) Three-Legged Dog:

How to do it:

Face each other and put your arm around your partner’s neck. Hold your partner tight. Next, lift your leg and let your partner hold your one leg in the air while he enters from the front and tries to penetrate. The position is only suitable for the male who has a large size penis. A guy with a small penis may not able to perform this position perfectly.

It is a perfect sanding position that keeps both the partner close to each other while penetration. You don’t need a bed to perform this sex position.


Follow the given suggestion on the different sex positions above when you do not have a bed around. These sex positions are more popular among couples. Some also mixed the process with the couple sex toys to enhance the experience.

You can buy couple sex toys in your country from an adult shop online. The product is delivered to your doorstep in the perfect packaging. The couple sex toys would add more excitement to your regular sex practice. Give your partner more reason to take part in the sex and enjoy the sex life.

The ultimate goal of the standing sex position is to release yourself when you both find yourself excited about the sex. It would not be a good idea to wait to reach the home and then perform the sex. You may lose interest and may end up avoiding each other. Also, people who like to enjoy sex in the public must know how to do it, so they can comfortably perform the sex without getting into trouble.

It is recommended that you also try safe sex no matter where you are. Sex is enjoyable when both partners are equally excited and ready to explore new dimensions.