Pest infestations can invade a home no matter how clean, is it? These insects are very skilled at entering a home, such as ants, cockroaches, spiders or mice, etc. there are ways to eliminate them and stop pest control in the home.

How Can A Plague Be Prevented In The Home?         

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning help combat the appearance of pests, maintenance problems such as a leaking sink, a hole in the floor, or spilled food, attract insects and rodents.

Most people who suffer from certain pest problems use household insecticide products sold in supermarkets to find a quicker solution. Still, in the long term, they find that these insecticidal products are not 100% effective and leave undesirable chemical traces and pests keep appearing. At this point, the best recommendation is to treat it with special products and procedures that are only carried out by Ottawa exterminators specialized in pest control.

Many types of pests can affect a home, and the most common are insects and rodents. These pests can transmit diseases; destroy food in addition to leaving excrement throughout the house.

  1. Close All The Cracks

The most commonplace for pests to enter and exit is the space under the door to contact the outside. In the lower part of the door, it is interesting to place a weather strip under the door or door sweeper easily found in hardware stores.

All cracks around the sinks and sinks must be avoided at all costs to prevent the entry of insects. Due to its high load of nutrients and salts, this humidity attracts many insects, among which the silverfish or silverfish stand out.

  1. Keep The Garden Clean And Well Cared For.

Did you know our garden can also be affected by a pest? For example, when you have mosquito pests, you must eliminate any stagnant or flooded water. It also affects poor drainage of the lawn. The garden is well aerated so that the soil absorbs rainwater.

Trees must also be pruned to allow air to circulate, weeds must be pulled up, and if there are pets in the house, do not leave food in the feeder exposed all day, but only when the pet wants to eat.

  1. Keep Drains Clean And Repaired.

Check the exterior of the house and see if there is a possibility of stagnant or broken drains. Drains are also entry points for pests and any loose board or panel that allows the accumulation of organic substances that attract numerous insects.

Rodents look for entry points that are smooth in texture so they can gnaw and enter the house. Score this point so as not to leave easy entry areas in the drains.

As a final tip, pour bleach regularly if you live in a house or chalet down the drain to prevent rodents from entering.

  1. The Fireplace Entrance Can Be Covered With Mesh.

If you live in a single-family house or a chalet, it should be known that all openings in the house have to be protected. Smoke extraction ducts such as chimneys or boilers should protect against the entry of insects or birds. A fine wire mesh can be used to cover it.

It is important to maintain proper cleaning in the indoor and common outdoor areas with the following suggested actions:

  • Eliminate and properly manage waste and deposit the garbage bag in the closest container daily.
  • Keep the countertop and kitchen furniture clean and free of small food debris.
  • The garbage can in the home should always be kept closed to avoid attracting flies, ants, cockroaches, etc.
  • Vacuum the carpet regularly and the shower and kitchen mat to remove organic food debris that can attract insects.
  • Clean any remaining food that may exist under the refrigerator and the oven, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
  • Wash dishes and kitchen utensils immediately after each use. Leaving plates or glasses with food challenges that will tend to ferment will attract countless domestic insects.

Preventing pest infestation requires constant effort. But if you find yourself fighting a war against insects that cannot be won, you can always call in a specialized pest control company such as The Bed Bug Coop Ottawa exterminators to help get rid of these pesky pests that are invading your home.